Pirates Fall into Last; More Importantly, Where Did the Red Jerseys Go?

Friday night’s game against Houston had a calming effect of sorts. It returned us to normalcy, I suppose.
The Pirates’ seventh consecutive loss left the team with a 40-55 record, finally propelling our black and gold into a statistical dead heat with the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Central’s basement. The Reds, at 41-56, are also 13.5 games behind first-place Milwaukee entering play Saturday. At 41-55, the Astros are 13 back and in sole possession of fourth place.
What a sorry lot this is.
The game wasn’t televised locally in Pittsburgh—why that is, I do not know—and so to get my baseball fix, I was forced to watch the MLB.TV archive version of the FSN Houston feed. I fired up the laptop and planned to watch an inning or three before bed.
Boy oh boy was I surprised.
It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even pay attention to the hits, runs and errors. I was more concerned with what the players were wearing.
Where did the Pirates’ red alternate jerseys go?
There’s no mention in the Post-Gazette or on Pirates.com, nor any of the blogs. I haven’t watched all the game to know if a reference was made during the broadcast, and I wasn’t able to pick up the radio feed while I was out this evening. All I know is that every Friday home game, the Pirates are supposed to wear ketchup jerseys. That was not the case this evening, and I’m a little worried.
This is a call to the faithful readers of Pittsburgh Lumber Co.: If you know the whereabouts of 25 uniforms of a local company—whether you agree with the fashion choice or not—please return them to their rightful owners.
I can only imagine that the jerseys were stolen. Or perhaps there was an equipment mix-up—the Astros wore their reddish alternates tonight—and so the Pirates, ever the gracious hosts, donned their whites.
Let’s hope that no matter the cause, we’ll see the reds again on August 3.


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  1. Brad Crouse Says:

    Lets hope those red jerseys never come back, Cory. They are terrible. The only colours any sports team in this town should EVER be wearing is BLACK and GOLD.

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