Jolly Roger is Taking a Beating in Mascot Bracket

Pirate fans, perhaps more distressing than any foiled trade talks is the news which I am about to share. Unlike Dave Littlefield’s quest for a power bat, though, you have the final say in this matter.
Captain Jolly Roger is being beaten to a pulp by the Swinging Friar.
The boys at Home Run Derby are conducting Mascot Brackets in which the best costume-wearing interns compete for an overall crown. The winners in five divisions (feather, furrie, primate, mammal, critter)—each featuring eight representatives—are being determined by fan vote.
The Pirates have three competitors entered in the field—Roger, the Pirate Parrot and the Racing Pierogies (considered as a group).
As the seventh seed in the primate division, Captain Jolly Roger had a tough draw:

Swinging Friar represents the history of his host city better than many mascots (tigers were never native to Detroit) as San Diego was built around Spanish missions populated by Franciscan Friars in the 1700ís.
His image pre-dates the Padresí joining MLB in 1969 as he was the symbol for the minor-league Padres from at least 1958. He became an anthropomorph in 1996 after having disappeared from the Padre unis since 1984.

Still, the results are laughable. At the time of this posting, Roger was trailing—earning just four percent of the vote.
He was disrespected by the contest’s hosts, too:

Iím not sure why the Pirates needed this guy. To me heís the 7th best mascot in the Piratesí hefty rotation of mascots – behind The Parrot and the five Racing Pierogies. Rumor has it the Pirates introduced him to keep people from watching the players on the field.

Voting ends this Thursday at noon. A Captain Jolly Roger comeback would be monumental.
Help him out, please.


4 Responses to “Jolly Roger is Taking a Beating in Mascot Bracket”

  1. Guy in pic Says:

    hey I dont regret being in that pic I just wish the Buccos would run good for a season.

  2. Jesse Says:

    How long before Littlefield does a salary dump and trades Jolly Roger for a Milwaukee Sausage to be named later?

  3. Rich Says:

    Thanks for the Link. is stuffing the ballot box like they did for Chris Young and the All-Star Game.

  4. thempirates Says:

    Jolly Roger sucks.
    That is all.

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