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Joe Janish, proprietor of the well-known blog, asked yesterday if I’d answer a few questions about the Pirates in order to give his readers a crash course in our lovable losers as a series preview of sorts. You can read the full interview here.
I’ll excerpt some of my favorite questions, but you’ll have to head to Joe’s site for the answers (and perhaps a little feedback):

1. At the beginning of the season, things in Pittsburgh were looking optimistic. Today, however, the Pirates are fighting to stay out of the cellar. What happened?
5. Are Jose Castillo and Jose Bautista the same person? Their Strat-O-Matic cards sure look the same, and I donít think Iíve seen them both in the game at the same time.
8. In Ian Snell, Tom Gorzelanny, and Paul Maholm, the Pirates have three 25-year-old pitchers with exciting upsides. What do these three have to do, individually, to turn the corner?
9. Tie game, last inning, two out, runner on third. What Bucco batter do you want at the plate?
10. Same situation, Mets are up. What Met would you least like to see hitting?

Thursday’s game—Oliver Perez against Paul Maholm—could be one to watch. Boy, would I love for the Pirates to smack Ollie around.
Really, the series lines up our three best against theirs: John Maine, Tom Glavine and Perez. The difference, of course, is that the Pirates have won 41 ballgames, while the Mets are sitting in first with a 55-43 record.
Sorry for not exuding optimism, but this could be a long trip.

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