Game #102 at Phillies

Citizens Bank Park | 7:05 | Youman vs. J.D. Durbin | Box

It was good:

Pirates third: Castillo struck out. Wilson popped out to shortstop Rollins. Youman walked. McLouth singled to right, Youman to second. Sanchez homered to left on a 1-1 count, Youman scored, McLouth scored. LaRoche singled to right. Bay walked on a full count, LaRoche to second. Nady singled to center, LaRoche scored, Bay to second. Doumit struck out.

…and then it wasn’t:

Phillies fifth: Victorino doubled to center. Rollins bunt single to third, Victorino to third. Rollins stole second. Howard walked. Burrell walked, Victorino scored, Rollins to third, Howard to second. Helms safe on Castillo’s error, Rollins scored, Howard to third, Burrell to second. Kuwata pitching. Kata in as third baseman. Iguchi hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder McLouth, Howard scored. Coste homered to left on the first pitch, Burrell scored, Helms scored. Barajas pinch-hitting for Durbin. Barajas struck out. Bourn singled to center. Bourn stole second. Victorino walked on a full count. Rollins tripled to right, Bourn scored, Victorino scored. Howard walked on four pitches. Burrell struck out.

Not much else to say. That fifth inning was the most painful frame of baseball I’ve sat through this year. And the game was over at that point—neither team bothered with scoring in the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth.

At 42-60, the Pirates are on pace to finish 2007 with 66 wins.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pre-game Thoughts
Short game thread today, folks—sorry about that. Life’s getting in the way of baseball. Hate when that happens.
Shane Youman has thrown quality starts in three of his four outings this year, and he’s coming off an eight-inning, four-hit gem against the Astros. He’ll face a red-hot Phillies team, though, that’ll be a bit harder to control than Houston was. After John Van Benschoten’s appearance last night, Jim Tracy desperately needs Youman to show that he’s a stable force in a rocky rotation.
J.D. Durbin isn’t anything to write home about, but the Pirate offense has proven that even the least effective starting pitchers can have success against our lineup.
If you’re counting, we’ve won just two ballgames since the All-Star break. The .416 winning percentage puts us on pace to finish with 67 wins for the third consecutive season.

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