Which Pirate Castoffs Do You Trade By Tuesday?

Discussion topics for an off day…
If you were in Dave Littlefield’s shoes, which trade deadline stance would you take?

  • Miracle turnaround in 2008; add big-league pieces only
  • Trade the vets for youth; punt a season or two in order to start another rebuilding process around Pearce, Walker and McCutchen
  • Stand pat; don’t make any moves until this off-season

If you were in Dave Littlefield’s shoes, which player would you most want to move?

  • Shawn Chacon—impending free agent
  • Salomon Torres—disgruntled workhorse reliever with a broken-down arm, but still maintains value
  • Damaso Marte—shutdown lefty that could pull in a sizable haul
  • Jack Wilson—light-hitting shortstop with an albatross contract
  • Jose Castillo—futility infielder with his head in the clouds
  • Snell, Bay, Gorzelanny, et al.—the stars it would take to bring in first-rate prospects

If you were in Dave Littlefield’s shoes, which player would you most want to add to your current core?

  • Wily Mo Pena—power hitter that needs a change of scenery
  • Michael Bourn—speedster built in the Duffy mold
  • Scott Thorman—left-handed bat to provide balance in a righty-heavy order
  • Andy LaRoche—live body to play third base
  • Matt Kemp—live body to play center field
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia—prime-time catcher that’d cost a pretty penny

If you were in Dave Littlefield’s shoes, what are the chances that we agree with whatever you ultimately choose to do?

  • Slim
  • None

7 Responses to “Which Pirate Castoffs Do You Trade By Tuesday?”

  1. Cory Humes Says:

    Bourn impressed me over the weekend, but not enough to move Torres+Marte in the same deal. If I were going to package the relievers, I’d try to target someone like the Mariners’ Wladimir Balentien, or maybe those young Dodgers. It’d take more than just two RP, though.
    I don’t know what we’re going to see in the next couple of days. It seems like Chacon will be gone no matter what; the market’s there for relievers, and the Pirates don’t seem like they’re willing to pay him $4-5 million per year. Typical Littlefield move would be to dump Chacon for a Brian Rogers type—not necessarily terrible, but not creative, either.
    It’ll be a tragedy if Marte is in black and gold come Wednesday. His value will never be higher.
    I’d wait until the off-season to pull any “blockbusters,” if at all possible.

  2. Randy Says:

    Bourn is intriguing not just b/c I think he’s going to be good, but b/c his last name lends to a lot of marketing possibilities. And really, marketing is more important than wins. Oh wait a minute…
    I’d be shopping shopping Chacon, Torres, Marte, Wilson, Castillo and anybody else with an established ceiling and value (perceived, imagined, real or otherwise).

  3. Newmie Says:

    I’d trade Jason Bay to Seattle for OF Adam (Not Pacman) Jones and C Jell Clement. Possibly another minor leaguer, AA pitcher Rohrbaugh. Bay will be closer to home and we get two major league ready high ceiling players. I’d try to trade LaRoche to the teams that missed out on Texeira. Send him to Arizona for Carlos Gonzalez and Chris Carter. You still have the relievers to trade plus Jack. I would like to see Bourn in our outfield. I talked to a Phillies scout at a recent Altoona game and he said Bourn is faster than Rollins and Victorino plus a better baserunner. Trade Marte to Boston for OF David Murphy and Torres to Colorado for Koshansky. Trade Jack to Oakland to replace Crosby and try to get SP Michael Madsen and another prospect arm. These deals leave our rotation in order and give us some hope for the future. If Littlefield can move a Bay, LaRoche, or Gorzo for 2-3 major league ready players with a high ceiling, he needs to do it. I have no faith in him as a GM, but maybe he can come though with his back (& JOB) to the wall.

  4. Cory Humes Says:

    Creative approach, Newmie, and reasonable too. The only trade where we might be asking a bit much is Gonzalez+Carter from Arizona, but even that’s pretty on target. LaRoche still has the skills necessary for .270-30-90, but Carter probably does/will too.
    If we did make those deals, the system would look a lot healthier.
    I’d like to think that all these moves could be made, but I doubt Littlefield would be the one to make them.
    Still, I’m convinced that 2008 is going to be losing year #16 if this current core stays intact, so why not try to build for 2009?

  5. Tony Ferrante Says:

    Zero confidence is getting anything substantial, zero…..

  6. Travis Says:

    As the stakes become higher closer to the deadline, DL will crumble. I agree Marte’s value will never be higher, yet he will end up trading Chacon/Torres for a marginal AAAA big league player. Although he would love to deal Torres for questioning his “integrity”.

  7. Chris Says:

    The problem with DL is he wants every deal to be the proverbial steal and then winds up with either all or nothing (usually nothing). My theory on trading is you get what you pay for. Meaning, if you trade mediocrity, you get mediocrity in return. This team is only getting better if we start parting with valuable pieces in return for some value.
    Two trades I’d make are first: the Mets need a 2B. They got Castillo but he’s not much of an improvement over their regular. We should offer them Freddy Sanchez for Lastings Milledge. I’d do that trade straight up but if the Mets would throw in a prospect or two, all the better. Talk about trading when value is high: other than Bay, Gorzo, and Snell, I’d say Sanchez is our most valuable commodity.
    The way I see it, Freddy really doesn’t help us offensively at all. He hits .300 but he doesn’t steal bases, he doesn’t walk, his OPS is pretty low, he doesn’t hit homers, and he’s only average defensively. Milledge gives you a CF with speed, pop, and defense. I think he could develop into another Rickey Henderson-type player.
    With Freddy gone, you can play Bixler at 2B next year (hit more natural position) or a Bixler/Castillo platoon. And then you can keep Wilson at SS or keep Izturis and trade Jack.
    OR…my second trade, I’d give the Dodgers one of our relievers, probably Marte, for Wilson Betemit. Betemit is a natural 2B so he can plug right in there. He has more pop than Freddy, he’s about the same defensively, and he walks more.
    Then you can shop Jack around during the offseason for a decent bullpen arm.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Bourn here as we can use a prototypical leadoff guy but I’m concerned about who will drive him in with this offense we have.

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