Pirates Acquire Barry Bonds for 2008 Season

1. Freddy Sanchez, 2b
2. Adam LaRoche, 1b
3. Jason Bay, lf
4. Barry Bonds, rf
5. Xavier Nady, cf
6. Jose Bautista, 3b
7. Ronny Paulino, c
8. Brian Bixler, ss
Would you welcome Barry back to Pittsburgh in 2008?
Without a doubt he’ll be interested in playing another season as he attempts to reach 3,000 hits.
As he’s proven this year, he can still mash with the best of ’em.
PNC Park’s right field is small enough that he might be able to play adequate defense; the Clemente Wall would be an enticing target as he eyes 800 home runs.
(Defensively, an outfield featuring Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and Bonds from left to right would be one of the worst the game has ever seen. That batting order might be the slowest in the majors.)
But the Pirate offense needs a boost in the worst way. What free agent in his right mind—and without a tremendous amount of baggage—would sign to play in Pittsburgh? What general manager would be patient enough to trade with Dave Littlefield?
Help isn’t coming from the minors. Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker shouldn’t debut until September of next season, and Brian Bixler will never be an impact talent. Only Steven Pearce looks to be ready by Opening Day.
Play Pearce as a superutility guy, starting him four or five days per week—resting Bonds and LaRoche as necessary. When he’s not in the lineup, Pearce is a power threat off the bench that this year’s edition of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club is sorely lacking.
The Pirates are a team that was built with the idea of contending by 2009 (after which Sanchez, LaRoche and Bay would reach free agency). If management is still looking to compete, why not take a flyer on a superstar whose contract situation would fit in with the rest of the core? When Bonds hangs them up, the reign of Pittsburgh’s next great outfielder begins.
And think of the bobblehead possibilities.


11 Responses to “Pirates Acquire Barry Bonds for 2008 Season”

  1. Matthew Whipps Says:

    You make an excellent case. Bonds should come “home” to end his career as Bucs fans would most likely welcome him with open arms.
    (But you are right about that outfield, oooh that would be messy…)

  2. Cory Humes Says:

    I’m not sure if he’d be welcomed or not. He gets heartily booed every time he comes to town — but some of that naturally has to come with his playing for the “other guys” now.
    If he were a Pirate, would Pittsburghers feel the same way about Barry as San Francisco seems to? Not sure — but if he helped us win, I can’t think they’d hold too much of a grudge.

  3. Shawn Weaver Says:

    Bonds was never popular in Pitttsburgh. When he was young, before the accusations and when he was terrific….Pirate fans were indifferent at best. I was in the stands for a number of those games. Van Slyke was beloved, Bonilla was popular….Bonds was mostly ignored.

  4. Cory Humes Says:

    Neal, I know you’ve got more than “gross.” Let me know where I dropped the ball…

  5. Derek Nelson Says:

    I think it’d bring some great symmetry to his career. The Pirates should pry Jim Leyland away from the Tigers so they can hate each other like old times.
    But it would involve Bonds conceding that he’s not really playing for a championship anymore, a thing that he seemed so obsessed with during the 90’s, and he even talked about openly when he was breaking records. He seems to have given up on that talk in recent years; has he really given up on the idea?

  6. The Real Neal Says:

    Gross: The idea that Bonds will play another year
    Gross: The idea that the Pirates would bring him back, sort of like a real life version of Damn Yankees.
    The fun part would be watchign Zambrano get him out some more (if the Cubs resign him). Bonds wouldn’t be able to duck him if they were in the same division.
    Nothing wrong with the article, just thinking of more Bonds more me sick. Once when I was a kid
    I made a bowl of vanilla cake mix and ate the whole thing, I couldn’t eat vanilla for like 10 years. I sort of thought Bonds was cool when he wore that superman cape in the playoffs, but the mockery of the game that he and the steroids and the umpires and his arm brace have made over the last 7 years has been a bit too much for me. I haven’t watched him tying or breaking the record, and given my druthers, I never will.
    Regarding him playing for a championship. If he can maintain his form from this year, (I’d probably let him play left, even if it is big at PNC), the Pirates will probably be more legitmate contenders than the joke that San Fran has become. Plus, wouldn’t Morris just be ecstatic?

  7. David Hannes Says:

    Derek may be right. From what I’ve seen, Barry’s goals for next year are:
    1. Make money
    2. Get 3000 hits
    3. Get a World Series ring
    Of course, he might be able to achieve all three were he to sign with an AL club in need of a DH.
    My guess–he pulls a Roger, waits until mid-May, and then signs with either the Giants, A’s, Angels, or Yankees for a ridiculous amount of money, telling everyone that avoiding the rigors of spring training will enable him to last through September and the post-season. He’ll probably hit around .260, with a dozen or so homers…then go 2-for-19 in the divisional series and cement is rep as a bust in playoff games.

  8. lisa gray Says:

    i’d go for it.
    that way i could watch him 9 times a year instead of only 3
    and by the way, he and leyland do NOT hate each other
    to put it mildly barry was VERY unappreciated by the fans AND the Organization when he played in pittsburgh

  9. RetireTracy Says:

    ridiculosity at its highest form…

  10. Glen Says:

    Why shouldn’t the greatest baseball player be allowed to play or come “home?” People are so quick to judge and yet they have skeletons in their own closet. The guy wants to play baseball. He has not been guilty of nothing but public opinion which was tainted by ignorance, greed and conspiracy. It’s sad to say this, but if this were Micky Mantle or Joe D, and they were being investigated, we would be jumping for joy…Why does race always have to play apart in sport? ENOUGH.

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