Pirates Thumping Red Sox Where it Matters Most

A few weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Pirates were absolutely embarrassed by the San Diego Padres as our newest crowd-pleaser, Captain Jolly Roger, was destroyed in the Mascot Brackets hosted by Home Run Derby. The Swinging Friar defeated Roger by a three to one margin.
At the time, Richie Rich wrote that Roger left a little something to be desired:

Iím not sure why the Pirates needed this guy. To me heís the 6th best mascot in the Piratesí hefty rotation of mascots – behind The Parrot and the four Racing Pierogies. Rumor has it the Pirates introduced him to keep people from watching the players on the field.

Today, we get the chance to “defend our honor” as the second (third, fourth and fifth) of our mascots do battle. The racing pierogies—Oliver Onion, Jalapeno Hannah, Cheese Chester and Sauerkraut Saul—square off against Lefty and Righty, two red socks.
As of early Sunday morning, the Pirates’ representatives held a slight lead.
You can show your support for the pierogies by casting a ballot here. It’s safe to assume that this sort of frivolous competition is the only chance we’ll have to be a serious playoff contender.

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