Jason Bay: It Wears on You After a While

Thanks, Jason Bay, for admitting baseball’s not about winning when you’re a Pittsburgh Pirate.
In an article running in today’s Toronto Star, the Pirates’ slugger sounds like a beaten man:

“It is definitely frustrating,” Bay admitted. “It wears on you after a while. You can only hear, ‘We’re looking forward to next year,’ so many times. The fans get agitated and it starts up in here. No one in here enjoys losing and that’s the thing.” …
“I like it here,” Bay shrugged. “I like the direction. I like the guys and all that, but time will tell. I would definitely not be reluctant to sign a long-term deal. I’m a big fan of Pittsburgh, but it also boils down to getting the ship pointed in the right direction.
“Some people are looking for the quick fix, pull the switch and boom you’re a contender. The reality is that doesn’t happen for a team in our (financial) situation. … I like it here. It’s really beautiful. At some point it’s definitely going to be about winning ballgames, not just putting on the uniform.”

Good thing the Pirates play in a gorgeous ballpark. And that we have classy uniforms. Those are the types of features you look for in a major-league club.
At some point it’ll be about winning. That’s refreshing to hear. Granted, that point will only come after Bay is no longer a Pirate, but at some point … it will be about winning.
Just not now.

7 Responses to “Jason Bay: It Wears on You After a While”

  1. Randy Says:

    Cory – you are rolling, baby! Hey, those ketchup unis aren’t all that nice looking.

  2. Cory Humes Says:

    The Steelers have “I’m mad Tuesday.” This is “Cory’s really mad Thursday.”
    Just getting a season’s worth of ranting out of the way in one 24-hour period.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Anyone see Jair Jurrjens pitch last night for the Tigers? Why didnt we trade Wilson for a 21-year-old RHP who throws 95ish? We couldve gotten rid of Wilson’s salary and added a RHP to our rotation other than Morris. With the saved money we couldve made a pass at a free agent CF. Maybe Aaron Rowand? I dont know but it seems we shouldve made that deal.

  4. Randy Linville Says:

    Are you saying the Bucs should’ve traded a worse than league average hitting shorstop who is overpaid for a youngster with a plus fastball (something the farm system lacks)? Couldn’t agree more.
    Logic is like kryptonite to the Pirates front office: they try to avoid it.

  5. Newmie Says:

    We need to trade Bay while his value is high. He could bring us back 2-3 ML-ready players. He is a good player and a fan favorite, but his attributes really don’t mesh well with PNC. This makes his performance even more impressive. I’d like to see him be part of a winner and that seems very unlikely here. These are the types of moves we need to make. Remember the Marlins a few years ago? No one in the system should be untouchable this offseason.

  6. Samara Pearlstein Says:

    K, I was reading up from the bottom. Clearly Mr. Bay needs the same therapy/Prozac that his bloggers need. 🙂
    (And no, you can’t have JaJur. He’s oursssssss.)

  7. Paul B. Says:

    Aaron. If we had made the trade, we wouldn’t be the pirates!

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