Moskos May Have Tommy John, Could Miss 2008

I can’t stress enough how unconfirmed this rumor is. It could very well be a game of telephone gone wrong; take it for what it is—grumblings I’ve heard from a Pirate source who’s been right at times in the past.
Daniel Moskos, selected by the Pirates with the fourth overall pick in June’s draft, last pitched for the State College Spikes on Monday against Jamestown. He allowed a walk and a hit and failed to record an out; the game was shortened due to rain, though, so his appearance didn’t necessarily end because of an injury.
However, this source says that he’s heard Moskos will undergo Tommy John surgery relatively soon, a procedure that would keep the pitcher off the playing field for about a year. The Pirates’ 2006 first-rounder, Brad Lincoln, went under the knife for the same procedure this April.
I’m no doctor—I can’t say with any confidence if surgery would be considered as an option so quickly. It seems like the turnaround would’ve been awfully fast, from the mound on Monday to Dr. Andrews’ operating table.
Again, none of this has been reported as fact. But if the Pirates lose their top draft picks in two consecutive years to surgery, it certainly wouldn’t reflect well on management. Remember, too, that our 2007 second-round pick, Duke Welker, was recently shut down for the season. It comes on the heels of John Perrotto’s Beaver County Times story concerning the Pirates’ misdiagnoses of Clayton Hamilton’s broken rib for over a year.
My Pirate mantra is usually anticipate the worst, hope for the best. I’m not sure we can anticipate such a tremendous setback in a young man’s career, but those are the words I’ve heard and I figured I’d continue the whispers.
One last time, take it for what it is: A single, anonymous source who heard from someone he trusts that Moskos is the latest Pirate casualty.

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  1. Deaner Says:

    Un-freakin’-believable! The blame is all on the Pirates pitching coaches and training staff. There are way too many cases of this to be just a coincidence. Why do we keep drafting pitchers if we can’t move them through the system.

  2. Carlos Rubi Says:

    The curse is real.

  3. Travis Says:

    DL makes no sense. He drafts 1st round pitchers all the time which is extremely risky and shouldn’t be tried very often cause the payoff isn’t worth the risk usually. When it comes to hitters, he never drafts high or trades for prospects, only MLB ready guys with limited upsides. Very limited risk, but there is usually no upside there (Nady might prove otherwise). When he trades guys, he sells low and buys high. Now he has resorted to acquiring washed up pitchers for big $$$$.

  4. Cory Humes Says:

    Aaaaaaaand let me once again emphasize “rumor.” Rumor rumor rumor rumor rumor. I mean, I’m not going to start the Dave Littlefield fan club, but let’s not blame him for an injury that hasn’t been announced just yet — and may have not even occurred.

  5. Randy Linville Says:

    Cory – watch your back. Thugs hired by McClatchy and Nutting might well be looking for you. They won’t break your legs or thumbs. They’ll tear a ligament in your elbow. Pitching won’t be a problem. But you won’t be able to blog.

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