Daniel Moskos: Shelved, But “Not a Health Issue”

As I wrote on Friday, there’s an unsubstantiated rumor going around that the Pirates’ first-round pick from the 2007 draft, Daniel Moskos, may be hurt and about to undergo Tommy John surgery—a procedure that would land him on the disabled list for about a year.
Moskos hasn’t pitched since Monday when he failed to record an out in an appearance against the Jamestown Jammers. Dejan Kovacevic incorrectly wrote in Sunday morning’s Post-Gazette that Moskos was replaced mid-inning in that game; instead, play was halted due to inclement weather, and the Spikes won a rain-shortened contest, so neither Moskos nor any member of State College’s pitching staff went back out to the hill. Long story short: He left the game early, but only because of Mother Nature.
In any case, the Pirates have finally addressed his week-long absence from the mound.  This morning it was reported that Moskos has been “taken out of game action” in order to work on his mechanics:

The Pirates have taken reliever Danny Moskos, their first-round draft pick in June, out of game action in State College to address mechanical issues.
“It’s not a big deal, and it’s not a health issue at all,” director of player development Brian Graham said. “He’s rushing his delivery, and [pitching coach] Wilson Alvarez wants to work on it with him, so he’s just going to throw on the side for a few days.”

The conspiracy theorists won’t believe Moskos is healthy until he next makes a pitching performance—and perhaps not even then.
The plot thickens?

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