Daniel Moskos: Shelved, But “Not a Health Issue”

As I wrote on Friday, there’s an unsubstantiated rumor going around that the Pirates’ first-round pick from the 2007 draft, Daniel Moskos, may be hurt and about to undergo Tommy John surgery—a procedure that would land him on the disabled list for about a year.
Moskos hasn’t pitched since Monday when he failed to record an out in an appearance against the Jamestown Jammers. Dejan Kovacevic incorrectly wrote in Sunday morning’s Post-Gazette that Moskos was replaced mid-inning in that game; instead, play was halted due to inclement weather, and the Spikes won a rain-shortened contest, so neither Moskos nor any member of State College’s pitching staff went back out to the hill. Long story short: He left the game early, but only because of Mother Nature.
In any case, the Pirates have finally addressed his week-long absence from the mound.  This morning it was reported that Moskos has been “taken out of game action” in order to work on his mechanics:

The Pirates have taken reliever Danny Moskos, their first-round draft pick in June, out of game action in State College to address mechanical issues.
“It’s not a big deal, and it’s not a health issue at all,” director of player development Brian Graham said. “He’s rushing his delivery, and [pitching coach] Wilson Alvarez wants to work on it with him, so he’s just going to throw on the side for a few days.”

The conspiracy theorists won’t believe Moskos is healthy until he next makes a pitching performance—and perhaps not even then.
The plot thickens?

5 Responses to “Daniel Moskos: Shelved, But “Not a Health Issue””

  1. Newmie Says:

    I really feel bad for Moskos. Not only is he a Pirate, but he is in a can’t win scenerio. I hope that it is a mechanical issue. If it is Tommy John then Littlefield will have even more egg on his face. He is barely recognizable already. I fear that LIttlefield will return next year. Why not fire him already if they will at he end of the season? Could we get anything for Morris now that he has had back-to-back solid starts? I promise to give Moskos a chance and I agree with Cory to wait til next year to judge him. Good luck to you Daniel. P.S. Always get a second opinion.

  2. Cory Humes Says:

    Not so fast on Morris there, Newmie — that’s two in a row for him, and he’s pitching like the “ace” he was earlier this season, not the scrub he was through July.
    I wouldn’t say I love him, but I certainly don’t hate him — and if I were the Pirates, I’d be willing to pay a few million dollars to find out if he has anything left next April and May.

  3. Newmie Says:

    But could he bring back value? Would anyone be interested in him? I don’t think that is why they acquired him, but if a good offer(Littlefield may not know what one would be) came along, should they pull the trigger? I don’t think DL should do anymore trading, but next years free agent pitchers is one of the worst in years.

  4. ray Says:

    the pirates still have a chance to win the division
    they just need to start spending a lot of money

  5. Cory Humes Says:

    Dave Littlefield won’t trade Matt Morris. If a new CEO comes in and hires a new GM — maybe Morris goes. But then again, maybe Bay, Sanchez, LaRoche and Nady go, too.

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