Pirate Fans for Change to Protest Again Tonight

On June 30, Pittsburgh, PNC Park and Pirate management received national attention as the “Fans for Change” organized a walk-out protest on a Saturday evening. As I wrote here, that event saw a mixed bag of results. ESPN and the Associated Press picked up the story and ran with it—but of the 26,959 fans in attendance, very few actually participated in the demonstration.
Afterwards, many Pirate blogs held the same opinion: To have any significant effect, this protest movement would need to be continued. As a one-night eye-grabber, it worked well. But as a one-night eye-grabber alone, it wouldn’t put any pressure on Bob Nutting to change the way he thinks about his organization.
Well, apparently the Fans for Change felt the same way. They started a Website and continued to work in close proximity with the more entrenched IrateFans in order to get their point across.
And, they scheduled another event, this one to be held on a weeknight against a weak opponent. Yep, tonight against the Reds.
Says IrateFans.com:

With the June protest retreating into the past, the Nutting partnership chose to enliven the moment by announcing Kevin McClatchy’s resignation and the search for a new CEO! This search, the completion of which will set the course of the franchise for the next decade, provides the relevant context for the scheduled August 28th protest. Like the June 30th protest, the August event will be an in-game action. …
What do we want? Once again, we want—no, we demand—an organization committed to competing for championships. This demand coheres very well with out founding purpose. Indeed, IrateFans.com exists solely to promote this particular goal.

and the Pirate Fans for Change:

Bob Nutting is preparing to make a critical hire for the CEO slot. We are showing up en mass on August 28th to let Ownership know that our expectations are very high for this critical position. Baseball experience and a commitment to a team payroll well in excess of $50M are prerequisites to this hire. We will not accept a CEO that is merely a lackey for the Nuttings.

You can read more about the Pirate Fans for Change and the IrateFans at their Websites. For details on tonight’s event, please head to PFFC’s events page.

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