Game #133 vs. Cincinnati

PNC Park | 7:05 | Morris vs. Matt Belisle | Box
Matt Morris wasn’t sharp. But, he kept the Pirates in the game. Matt Belisle didn’t pitch as well as he normally has in 2007 against the Pirates. But he left with the lead. Neither chucker was involved in the decision as the game was decided by some late runs.
Morris allowed three runs in 5-2/3 on nine hits and three walks. Belisle gave up two runs in five innings.
Trailing 3-2 in the 7th, the Pirates grabbed the lead off Jared Burton when Jose Bautista hit a homer. Damaso Marte and Shawn Chacon allowed the Reds to tie it in 8th and Matt Capps allowed the Reds to pull ahead for the win in the 9th.
It was a game of weird base running. The Reds appeared to score twice in the fifth, but Adam Dunn was called out on appeal, erasing both runs. The go ahead run scored in the 9th when Alex Gonzalez scored from first on a two out blooper from Ken Griffey that fell between Cesar Izturis, Jason Bay and Jose Bautista. In the bottom of the 9th, Josh Phelps was thrown out at home after Nate McLouth’s single into shallow right field was run down by Brandon Phillips. The Reds second sacker fired home to Javy Valentin who tagged out a surprised Phelps.
The Pirates drew zero walks for the second time in three games and for the fourteenth time in 2007. Pirate hurlers, on the other hand, have walked zero in a game just five times.
On the positive side, McLouth had two hits and swiped a base. Freddy Sanchez smacked a pair of doubles and was HBP. He is slowly climbing into the lower edge of the batting race.
Brandon Phillips is wicked red hot. He had multiple hits for the 7th straight game and for the 8th time in 10 games. Since August 14th, he’s had more three hit games (four) than zero hit games (three). His BA is up 19 points since then to .290.
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Pre-game Thoughts
Matt Belisle has been so money against the Pirates this year. He is 3-0 with a 2.14 ERA against the Pirates. Against everyone else, he is just 4-8. Several Pirates have done well against him career-wise. Jack Wilson is 6-16. Freddy Sanchez is 7-16. Adam LaRoche is 3-10 and Ronny Paulino is 3-9. On the other side are Jason Bay (2-16), Jose Bautista (3-14) and Nate McLouth (1-8).
Matt Morris is coming off his best outing. And let’s hope he can do it again. He is 8-6 career vs. Cincy with a 4.15 ERA. Adam Dunn has struggled (7-43 with 16 Ks) against Morris. Ken Griffey, Jr. has not (8-24 with three bombs). Edwin Encarnacion is 2-15, Scott Hatteberg is 1-11 and Brandon Phillips is 2-12.


6 Responses to “Game #133 vs. Cincinnati”

  1. Alan Saunders Says:

    Why on earth didn’t Tracy pinch-run for Phelps in the ninth?

  2. Alan Saunders Says:

    Why on earth didn’t Tracy pinch-run for Phelps in the ninth?

  3. Matt Says:

    Jose Bautista deserves some blame for Phelps not sliding, as he was on deck and had the responsibility of communicating with Phelps. It appeared that Bautista was on the third base side of home plate when Phelps arrived, and Josh probably never saw him. Phelps said he never expected to see the ball coming home, which is why Bautista should have been there yelling to him. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned this anywhere.
    Wait ‘Til Next Year

  4. Cory Humes Says:

    I thought of it at the time, Matt, but I couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be sliding into home on a play like that. How can you not anticipate the Reds’ trying to throw Phelps out?
    Granted, I still need to fire up MLB.TV to take a look at that out and the crazy Dunn play from earlier in the game, but I just didn’t understand Phelps’ not sliding.
    And Randy’s right — if we had anyone with any speed on the team, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

  5. Cory Humes Says:

    Why on earth didn’t Phelps slide?
    And as for why he didn’t pinch-run: Who’s faster than Phelps is? Jose Castillo? Not by much. Ian Snell? Probably, but I don’t think I’m asking my would-be ace to run in a situation that very well could end in a collision at the plate.
    The Pirates have a very, very, very slow baseball team, and that shows in situations such as these.

  6. Randy Linville Says:

    You made me say it:
    The Rajai Davis Phenomena would’ve scored standing up.

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