Game #137 at St. Louis

Busch Stadium | 2:15 | Snell vs. Kip Wells | Box
That’s the Ian Snell we’ve been looking for since mid-July. Snell tossed seven shutout innings and moved his record to 9-11 on the season. Snell gave up five hits and walked five. The Pirates defense turned four double plays. Snell will have to cram in order to equal the 14 wins he accumulated in 2006.
Kip Wells was ripped. He left in the fourth inning and is tied for the ML lead in losses.
Jack Wilson paced the offense with four hits (including a tater) and three RBI. Jose Bautista, Freddy Sanchez and Ronny Paulino also drove in a pair of runs. Bautista dingered in the first to get things going. Sanchez had three more hits and is hitting .318. Nyjer Morgan had two hits and a walk in the lead off spot. Rajai Davis Phenemona who?. Steve Pearce collected his first ML RBI when he stroked his first ML triple.
Juan Perez and Romulo Sanchez finished up for Snell.
On the bad side, Xavier Nady was drilled in the head and left the game. Seems like somebody (not me) wrote in a comment that playing Nady, who is dinged up already, with frequency in September wasn’t smart.
AP recap at Yahoo! Sports – check out Jack Wilson’s quote about Gary Bennett tipping him off on what the pitch was when Wilson was hitting in the 9th with a chance for the cycle.

Pre-game Thoughts
Countdown to 82 Losses: at 59-77, the Pirates would need to go 23-3 in the final 26 games to avoid a losing season.
After leaving Milwaukee having been swept, the Pirates head to another NL Central contender. Paul Maholm is being skipped with back issues. So, Ian Snell is moving up a day. Everybody knows that Snell has had a rough second half. He’s coming off a bad start in which he gave up seven runs in 5-1/3. Snell is 1-2 against the Cards this year with a 2.70 ERA. Career he is 2-3 with a 4.03 ERA. He’s made two appearances in Busch (one start) and has no decisions.
Albert Pujols is 8-14 with four homers off Snell. Yadier Molina is 5-12. Snell hasn’t fooled anybody on the Cards roster except Edwin Encarnacion (1-9) whose career is in jeopardy after he got hit in the face by a foul ball.
After an awful start, Kip Wells has rebounded to have an awful season. Wells beat the Pirates back on 5/23 for his second win. He stands at 6-15 now. Wells is 3-6 with a 4.71 ERA in Busch in 2007. No Pirates have more than one career hit off of Wells.
Bucs at Busch:
Jose Bautista – 7-32
Jason Bay – 21-62 with six homers
Jose Castillo – 3-22
Cesar Izturis – 5-16
Matt Kata – no ABs
Adam LaRoche – 10-33 with three homers
Nate McLouth – 0-8
Xavier Nady – 8-34
Ronny Paulino – 10-31
Josh Phelps – 1-1
Freddy Sanchez – 12-34
Jack Wilson – 6-29
Sunday Night Thoughts
Happy birthday to my son.
Go James Blake.

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  1. Cory Humes Says:

    “After an awful start, Kip Wells has rebounded to have an awful season.”
    Quite possibly the line of the year.

  2. matt Says:

    i’m a crew fan so all i can say is pirates….WIN

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