Why Not Wait Two Weeks to Fire Dave Littlefield?

[Cory’s note:† Randy originally wrote this in the comments section of this post, but I think it deserves a little more front-page lovin’.† Randy had written: “Well, what took them so long? And also, why now? Why not wait a couple of weeks?” This post-length comment came in response to a question posed by Matt:† Why wait for the end of the season when you can fire DL now?]
So, why fire him now? As Bob Nutting has said, the reason to fire DL now is to be out in front for the best candidates as other teams will likely chop their GMs in the off season.
Problem is this: Nutting is assuming that a good candidate would jump on the first job available rather than waiting for the best job available. If Iím a young aspiring GM (or former, well thought of GM), I look at the Pirates as a club with a bad ownership group and a barren farm system. Not an ideal place to start (or resurrect) a front office career.
On the positive side, if I was the aspiring GM, you have to believe that you canít be much worse than what the club has had in the past decade.
But, as I see it, the Pirates wonít benefit from cutting ties before the season is over because top tier candidates wonít be clamoring for the Steel City job. Too many negatives and not enough positives.
On the other hand: why not wait until the season is over? Simple – let DL have his dignity. I donít wish ill will on the guy. He didnít do a good job, but the two times I happen to run into him on the concourse around PNC on Sunday home games, he seemed like a nice, approachable and down to earth guy (in other words, he isnít some attention hungry, arrogant, leather-pants-wearing rock-star wannabe like at least one former MLB GM).
If Nutting couldíve waited even two more days to make this move it wouldíve received far less attention because the Steelers and the rest of the NFL would have kicked off. As it, is DL is front page news in Pittsburgh and elsewhere as the story even made the front page of Yahoo! earlier this evening.


4 Responses to “Why Not Wait Two Weeks to Fire Dave Littlefield?”

  1. Lisa Gray Says:

    this doesn’t mean that nutting has changed his el cheapo ways. it DOES mean he wants someone who thinks they can find el cheapo players and draftees better
    i’m sorry…
    and trust me i understand. we got the same problem with our owner

  2. Cory Humes Says:

    There’s a difference — however subtle — between Bob Nutting and his father, Ogden. I’m not sure if it’s fair to classify Bob as “el cheapo” when the money wasn’t his to spend. Really, it’s hard to say exactly how much Bob had to do with the team at all before this season.
    Long story short, bringing on Cesar Izturis and Matt Morris don’t scream “el cheapo” to me.

  3. Nate Says:

    The thing is, the mark of a good GM is working with what money you’re given. Any GM can make a good team with the Yankees or Red Sox payroll. It takes someone special to guide a team with a low payroll to success…that’s why they wrote a book about Billy Beane and not Brian Cashman.

  4. Paul B. Says:

    Why not wait? Because we ( Pirate Fan’s ) have suffered enough! Many weren’t sure they would get rid of DL. Now we know. Now there is at least guarded hope for the future. Maybe , just maybe Mr. Nutting will be different. Here’s hoping.

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