Pirates Announce Hiring of Coonelly as President

According to a press release posted on Pirates.com, the Pirates have just announced officially that Frank Coonelly will be taking the reigns as team president.
Bob Nutting’s quotes with emphasis added:

Frank brings a tremendous amount of baseball experience to this role. This experience will be a critical asset for us moving forward, including in the short term in the selecting of our new General Manager and assembling our baseball operations team.

Sounds like a housecleaning to me.

He is extremely intelligent, driven and absolutely committed to the Pirates organization moving forward. The Pirates are extremely fortunate to have him.

Perhaps hinting at all the talk concerning Coonelly’s previous role as slot money enforcer and collusion enabler for MLB? Blogs have talked at length about how Coonelly’s previous job description might not necessarily translate to his philosophy with the Pirates.

From the change of control in January, to Kevin’s announcement in July, to the change at the General Manager position, and now the addition of Frank, all have been orderly steps in the same direction to move our organization forward. I am committed to building an organization that can celebrate a culture of success, a culture of high expectations, and frankly, a culture of pride. This is another step toward that vision.

He’s done nothing that makes me question his motives—yet. Since he’s been in the spotlight, Bob Nutting has seemed to be honest and legitimate. Let’s hope it’s not all a ploy.
And Coonelly:

I firmly believe we have a real opportunity for success in Pittsburgh. The best way that we can consistently compete is to aggressively acquire and develop talent, both in the domestic and international markets. This strategy has proven to be successful in other markets and one that must be executed effectively. Our immediate priority will be to find the right General Manager who will work hard to build on the baseball foundation by broadening our talent base, improving our player development systems and making the international market a true priority. We must develop a system that regularly feeds premier talent to the major league level, while at the same time putting our current group of young players in the best possible position to succeed.

Rebuilding? We’ll see, I suppose.

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