Game #153 at San Diego

Petco Park | 3:35 | Morris vs. Brett Tomko | Box
Brett Tomko was strong again for the Padres when it mattered most. He gave up three runs in six IP while Matt Morris was touched for three runs in both the second and third innings.
Michael Barrett and Kevin Kouzmanoff drove in a pair of runs each as the Friars offense efficiently left just two men stranded all afternoon. Carlos Maldonado hit his second career homer and Freddy Sanchez reached 80 RBI on the season.
Padres reliever Heath Bell has been scored upon just once in his past 13 outings, covering 12-2/3 innings. Padre reliever Doug Brocail, who is older than me, has been scored upon just once in his past 15 outings, covering 16-1/3 innings.
The Pirates have lost six straight and with 9 games left might lose 15 straight contests in their 15th straight losing season. How coincidental would that be?
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Pre-game Thoughts
Matt Morris started off well against the Padres. His first two starts of 2007 were both against the Friars and they were both wins. On June 11, Morris was 7-3 with a 2.56 ERA. Things have headed the wrong way since. He has dropped seven of nine decisions and his ERA has ballooned to 4.84. In nine starts with Pittsburgh, his ERA is on the wrong side of six. He is 8-3 with a 2.99 ERA for his career against the Padres. He is 3-1 with a 4.28 ERA in San Diego.
Brian Giles is 16-42 with three homers against Morris. Mike Cameron is 10-25. Most of the other regulars have stalled aginst Morris. Adrian Gonzalez is 4-21. Marcus Giles is 3-18. Khalil Greene is 5-14.
Morris is going against Brett Tomko. When Tomko came up with the Reds, many people in my hometown thought he was going to develop into a star. It is 10 years later and they are still waiting. Since his rookie campaign, Tomko has had an ERA+ of better than 100 just one time.
Tomko started the season with the Dodgers. But he pitched like a nerd. In 15 starts and 18 relief appearances he was 2-11 with a 5.80 ERA. He was let go on August 24 when the Dodgers got Wells and nabbed by San Diego, where he happens to live. Thus far he has pitched well for the Padres, allowing just two runs in 11 IP. That includes six shutout innings in his only 2007 start for San Diego. Tomko is 0-1 in two appearances against the Pirates in 2007. For his career he is 7-6 with 4.39 ERA against the Black and Gold and 2-3 with a 5.00 ERA in Petco.
None of the Pirates have blistered Tomko. But none have struggled, either. The team BA against him is .293. Of those with broad exposure Cesar Izturis has the lowest BA (11-45) and Freddy Sanchez has the best (4-10).
Wednesday Night Thoughts
Wednesday’s USA Today has a small blurb about the passing of Louis J. Willie Jr. Don’t know who he is? Back in 1990 the PGA Championship was going to be held at Shoal Creek Country Club in suburban Birmingham, AL. Some snooping reporters checked around and found out that Shoal Creek didn’t have any black members. This was within weeks of Sports Illustrated having a big cover story on how golf was booming. This mess made me smile because I don’t like golf. Jack Roosevelt Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier more than 40 years before this incident. The Civil Rights movement won (unfortunately they shouldn’t have had to “win” anything that was theirs by birth) the rights that all citizens deserved. Yet morons were still running the show in golf. Unacceptable to me.
Anyway, Shoal Creek offered Mr. Willie, an African American man, an honorary membership. Being gracious, he accepted and the tournament was held as scheduled. The paragraph in the paper notes that, “The PGA and other golf groups said that they would no longer hold tournaments at clubs that lacked minorities or women as members.” Really? What about the Masters? Hats of to you Louis J. Willie Jr. May you rest in peace.


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  1. Cory Humes Says:

    “Tomko started the season with the Dodgers. But he pitched like a Pirate. In 15 starts and 18 relief appearances he was 2-11 with a 5.80 ERA.”
    Fixed that for ya.

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