2008 Pittsburgh Pirates: Salaries and roster info

A quick glance at your 2008 Pirates by salary. “Minimum” refers to a player with less than three years of major-league service time who will be making MLB’s minimum salary in 2008. “Arbitration” refers to a player with more than three years of service time (but less than six years) whose contract will be determined by MLB’s arbitration practices. All salary figures come courtesy of Cot’s Baseball Contracts.
Ronny Paulino – Minimum
Ryan Doumit – Minimum
Adam LaRoche – Arbitration ($3.2m in 2007)
Steve Pearce – Minimum
Freddy Sanchez – Arbitration ($2.75m in 2007)
Jack Wilson – $6.5m
Jose Bautista – Minimum
Cesar Izturis – $5.45m option ($300k buyout)
Jose Castillo – Arbitration ($1.9m in 2007)
Jason Bay – $5.75m
Xavier Nady – Arbitration ($2.15m in 2007)
Nate McLouth – Minimum
Nyjer Morgan – Minimum
Chris Duffy – Minimum
Tom Gorzelanny – Minimum
Ian Snell – Minimum
Paul Maholm – Minimum
Matt Morris – $9.5m
Zach Duke – Minimum
Tony Armas – $5m option ($500k buyout)
Salomon Torres – $3.2m
Damaso Marte – $2m
John Grabow – Arbitration ($832k in 2007)
Matt Capps – Minimum

  • If you assume the Pirates will let Shawn Chacon walk, non-tender Castillo (owing him nothing), buy out Izturis and Armas (a near-certainty), give each 0-3 player $400k as the league minimum (in actuality, the minimum is $380k but players often earn a tiny bit more) and then count up all the Pirate salaries (using 2007 figures for those arbitration eligible), then the Pirates are already on the hook for about $42 million heading into 2008.
  • Unfortunately for the Bucs, every arb-eligible player will get a raise. Adam LaRoche and Xavier Nady had productive years and will be compensated as such. Frank Coonelly already expressed a desire to extend the contracts of Freddy Sanchez and Capps into the long-term. The Pirates’ payroll will be pushing $50 million before a new GM makes his first move.
  • 2008 needs (assuming the Pirates are trying to compete): A right-handed hitting center fielder who can share time with McLouth or Morgan; A starting third baseman or utilityman, whichever the Pirates determine Bautista isn’t; A backup middle infielder; A steady fifth or sixth starter; A solid right-handed reliever.

3 Responses to “2008 Pittsburgh Pirates: Salaries and roster info”

  1. Matt Bandi Says:

    The payroll would look much better if we did not have the Matt Morris contract to worry about.
    How about McLouth in center and Nady in right against right-handers, Nady in center and Pearce in right against lefties? The defense would be iffy, but it might be worth it.

  2. Cory Humes Says:

    The Morris contract definitely hamstrung the Pirates, but I’m looking at it this way—you’ve got Morris for close to $10m or another Armas type for $5m. I’m holding out hope that Morris can be a significant improvement over Armas and might be worth that extra chunk of change.
    As for the outfield — when I was typing up the post, I toyed with the idea of Bautista in center versus left-handers, moving Nady to third base and starting Pearce full-time. I like Jose much better in a time-share, I think. But again — Nady at 3B seems to be a purely DK-thing, and I’m not sure if it’s even under consideration.
    I’d like to think we could fill most of our holes internally, but given how well that worked this year — might be better to free up some cash via a trade and go out and acquire another legitimate bat.

  3. jpjts@myactv.net Says:

    I think we should stabilize the line-up plus the rotation and bullpen. Chemistry? the more you play, the better you will be with reinforcement.

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