Breaking news: Pirates to fire Jim Tracy today

Okay, so we knew it was coming—but now it’s really happening. The Post-Gazette’s Dejan Kovacevic says that the Pirates have called a press conference (set for 3:30 p.m.) to announce the firing of Jim Tracy.
Any details will come later; for now, go back to reading Dave’s article on the Pirates who could, should and will be traded this off-season.
UPDATE, 2:45:

The Pirates also dismissed senior director of player development Brian Graham, senior director of scouting Ed Creech and director of baseball operations Jon Mercurio.
Doug Strange, formerly assistant GM, will now serve the club as a special assistant to Huntington.


5 Responses to “Breaking news: Pirates to fire Jim Tracy today”

  1. lisa gray Says:

    gee what a shock

  2. Randy Says:

    How does a team go about carrying this out? Do you have a lunch with everybody and tell them all at once that they are all fired? Or do you do it one at a time knowing that the first guy you fire will be on the phone with the other guys on the hot seat as soon as he finds out he is canned? Do you let them find out from the press?
    I’m not surprised about anybody but Graham. I’m just curious how to go about relieving a big chunk of your operational staff all at once.
    So, who is going to be the new manager? Anybody but Tony LaRussa. I’m sure he is way off the radar, but I’ve always been a fan of Hal McRae. He was a heady, aggressive player. He had the post-George Brett KC Royals over .500. Then they fired him and hired Bob Boone. Boone stunk (both in KC and Cincy). McRae couldn’t land another gig except in Tampa and even a genius like Sweet Lou couldn’t right the ship in that organization. I think McRae deserves another shot. It’ll never happen because I think his combative attitude (remember his blow up at the press in his office when he was the Royals manager?) will scare away most GMs.

  3. Rob G. Says:

    I vote Dusty Baker. 🙂

  4. Rob G. Says:

    I vote Dusty Baker. 🙂

  5. billypirates Says:

    Wow. What a surprise…….not. I feel sorry for anyone who loses their job, but hey, you don’t manage your minor league worth a darn, then wonder why you are fired? If you don’t develop the talent that you have in the current system, you will never have a team in Pittsburgh because we cannot afford to buy a team. You have to buy coaches and then develop them.
    Shame on Brian Graham. A whole season without a minor league pitching coordinator???????? Someone should hang for this ridiculous blunder of blunders. Can you see the Yankees just deciding to skip this point????? Come on, what in the world are you thinking?
    Do you think Bonilla is the man to develop all the talent you have in Bradenton and make them Major Leaguers in a few years like Chamberlain??? Not a chance.
    Sorry Ed, sorry Brian, you did a bad job.

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