Huntington writes us a letter: Russell is manager

From the mothership:

Dear Pirates fans:
I am extremely excited to officially announce today that we have hired John Russell as the new manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. John’s hiring is another significant step in the process of changing the culture of this organization to a culture of pride, passion and excellence.

etc., etc.
Love, Neal Huntington.
It seems as if our new general manager is fond of communicating with the common yinzer—something I appreciate. Huntington is taking steps to repair the damage that’s been done to the franchise over the past 15 years. Sure, he’s gone a bit overboard with the open letters, but I’d rather hear too much from the front office than too little.
Jenifer Langosch’s writeup of Russell’s hiring is available here.


2 Responses to “Huntington writes us a letter: Russell is manager”

  1. Randy Says:

    I’m hoping one day to eat my words but I’d like to go on record as saying I’m satisfied by this. I have nothing against Russell. How much more would I like to have had somebody like Bobby Valentine (who may be locked up by his club in Japan for all I know) or someone with a solid track record. He was minor league manager of the year a couple of times and all that, but he was 55-88 last year in AAA. If his proponents blame that record on sub-standard talent, then what do think he’s gettting into in Pittsburgh? The talent level for the Pirates isn’t “emerging” or “underachieving”. It’s mediocre.

  2. Randy Says:

    What I meant was: Iím hoping one day to eat my words but Iíd like to go on record as saying Iím NOT satisfied by this.”
    Again, not a fan of this hiring by any means.

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