Bucs Retreads Find Shelter Elsewhere, Thankfully

It hasn’t been a busy off-season for the Pirates regarding their on-field personnel. But a handful of ex-Buccos have found their way off the scrap heap and into Spring Training invitations.
The Nationals signed a slew of players, including Humberto Cota and Yurendell DeCaster. I wondered out loud several months ago when the Pirates shipped Cota to Indy whether he’d be back. I’m sure DeCaster isn’t mad that the Nats press release on the massive signing has his last name misspelled (de Caster). Rather, I’m sure he’s pleased that he’ll spend at least part of March in sunny Florida.
As noted elsewhere, Shane Youman was waived and then picked up by the Phillies. I wish him well. The Pirates could’ve had someone much worse than Youman make 8 starts in 2007.
Finally, Jason Kendall has hooked on with another NL Central team, the Brewers. As everybody knows, Kendall has no power to speak of and probably has little left in his tank, thanks in part to chronic overuse. But if he can get on base at a .362 clip like he did with the Cubs, that’s not bad. Not that he’s worth the $4.25 million Milwaukee is paying him. In the three years since Kendall left, Bucs catcher have compiled a .300 (in 2005), .330 (in 2006) and .325 (in 2007) OPS as a group. Putrid, paltry and pathetic.

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