Dreyfuss Voted into Hall of Fame

Former Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss was elected to the Hall of Fame. That was probably overdue, as I pointed out back in May when I linked to a post by Joe Posnanski who made a strong case for Dreyfuss to get in.
That piece of good news is followed by three pieces of bad news. First, the committee elected five people, insuring a glut of people at the podium next summer in upstate New York. Second, one of those people was Bowie Kuhn. Don’t get that at all. Finally, one of the people wasn’t Marvin Miller. Really don’t get that at all. Which was a more influential figure in baseball in the 1970s? If the players had hired a weakling to run the union or if the owners had somehow managed to convince the players not to unionize, do you think Kuhn would’ve revolutionized the game the way Miller did as head of the union? Of course not. It wouldn’t have been in what he called “the best interests of baseball” to bring about the changes the union did under Miller’s leadership.
Dick Williams got in. His case had probably been hampered by some odd charges and a no contest plea several years ago. But, now he is in. Insert joke here.

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