Tigers Farm System Now Depleted; Jack Wilson Better Not Wind Up There

Hanging out, doing some work and watching my beloved Irish take on K-State. The SportsCenter 30/30 update interrupted the game and reported that the Marlins have sent Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera to the Tigers for six prospects.
The report names four of them – Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Mike Rabelo and Eulogio De La Cruz. Can’t imagine the Tigers farm system will have anything of value left after the deal. So, if the Bucs wind up shipping Jack Wilson to the Detroit club, it is likely that player received in return would be either a major league spare part or a minor league filler.


6 Responses to “Tigers Farm System Now Depleted; Jack Wilson Better Not Wind Up There”

  1. Don B Says:

    Not sure of the logic behind this post. Detroit already has Renteria from the Braves. Wilson was talked about last September way before Renteria.

  2. Randy Linville Says:

    I hear you, Don B. But, wouldn’t it be possible that the Tigers would be willing to give up little to get Wilson, even if he isn’t a full time player? Isn’t it possible that the Pirates would be willing to take little in return and eat some of his contract? I mean, I hope not. But, you never know.

  3. Dr. aaronb Says:

    who plays Short for Pittsburgh? In a world where Jose F’N Guillen is worth 36 mil over 3 years, Jack Wilson is a bargain.

  4. Randy Says:

    If Wilson is traded away, the logical conclusion is Pat Meares or Mike Benjamin would play short. Aagh. No wait, they’d have to go with Brian Bixler and assume he is ready. Either that or re-acquire Jose Hernandez and stick him there until Bixler is ready. Kidding about Hernandez.

  5. sludgeworm Says:

    Doug Strange is still on the payroll, maybe he could man the shortstop position…

  6. Randy Says:

    Sludgeworm, you are killing me. Ack, Doug Strange.

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