Of Mountains and Mole Hills

Last week, there was some hand wringing and teeth gnashing in Bucco Nation over the trade of Salmon Torres to the Brewers for 2 minor league players that are marginal prospects. Matt did some analysis of the trade, which I thought was pretty spot on. But let’s take a look at some of these grievances (I guess sine it’s festivous season we need the feats of strength next) and try to debunk them:
Huntington Sold Low – Personally, I thought that he was selling high at this point in Torres’ career. This is a guy who didn’t take care of himself last off season and failed in the closer’s role. He’s talked about retirement last year and has already threatened to retire post trade to Milwaukee. Given this set of circumstances, I’m surprised that we got what we did for him.
We should have gotten PlayerX for him – This is a favorite of baseball fans everywhere when they don’t think that they got the “value” back for the player they traded. Let’s take a look at another trade that happened recently where you heard the same thing from fans, Lastings Millege for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church. When this trade was announced, the anguished cries from the Mets’ fans was heard from Miami to Halifax (and believe me I know since I’m stuck in New York and hear whiny Mets’ fans all the time). “We should have gotten Haran or Bedard!” the fans screamed. But their GM sensing this backlash let everyone know that he had called both Oakland and Baltimore trying to gage interest in Milledge and there was none. In essence, this was the best deal that he could get. I think that the same thing is true in the case of the Torres trade. I would imagine that Huntington (or Ol’ Neil for you Lynyrd Skynyrd fans out there) asked around, even tried negotiating and this was the best deal available.
They should have waited for the trading deadline to trade him – Torrees isn’t a player like Jason Bay who had one bad year and trading him now wouldn’t make sense until you see what you have this coming season. We are talking about a player here who is at the end of his career and is in a decline. Waiting to see how he pitches and then trade him at the deadline could very well blow up in the Pirates’ collective faces. IMO, waiting to see how he does and hope for the best seems to be Littlefieldian logic at it’s best (or worst – depending on how you look at it).
Overall, I think that the trade was a minor trade and was of not that much consequence that we have to worry about.


2 Responses to “Of Mountains and Mole Hills”

  1. Randy Says:

    I certainly didn’t expect a top tier minor league talent or a ready to play Big Leaguer straight up for Torres. I would’ve liked to have seen the Pirates get a minor league bat of some consequence if at all possible. If there is one thing the team has enough of, it is middle relievers.
    My biggest problem is that Torres would have been value as part of a package – a starter and Torres for a bat of more prominence, for example.

  2. Bob Says:

    According to ESPN’s website, the Buccos and Padres are in “Deep talks” for Bay. I think I’m going to throw up.

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