Andrews taking the reigns of the pitching staff

Well the mini-camp starts tomorrow and the Trib-Review has a preview of the pitching staff and how the Bucs new pitching coach, Jeff Andrews, is taking advantage of the mini-camp to re-acquaint himself with some of the pitching staff.
It seems that he doesn’t have to be too acquainted with at least one of the pitchers:

Andrews was at Tom Gorzelanny’s wedding reception when general manager Neal Huntington called to say that Andrews had been hired.

I mentioned this on my original blog (so for the one of you that read you you know already know what I’m going to say) but I really like the hire of Andrews specifically because he does have the familiarity with the staff. The last pitching coach tried to muck about too much with everyone to make them the type of pitcher that they wanted, not the pitchers that they were. But in hindsight, knowing what we know about the manager, that’s not too surprising.

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