Gossage Voted into HOF; Others Continue to Wait

Goose Gossage was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Overdue, I’d say. Jim Rice was a close second and has a shot next year as the only safe candidate for selection is Rickey Henderson. That, of course, assumes Henderson doesn’t some how make a comeback this year.
Couple of comments…
First, my ballot would’ve included numerous other players. Rice, Andre Dawson, Bert Blyleven, Jack Morris, Lee Smith and Tim Raines all belong in my opinion.
Second, I’m disappointed that Raines received so little love. If there was no such person as Rickey Henderson, everyone would better recognize what a talent Raines was. Eddie Mathews was overlooked for enshrinement in part because he was playing alongside Hank Aaron for most of his career. Uh, the man had 500 homers. I’d be inclined to have Raines in before the other candidates that I’d put in.
Dave Parker received less than 20% of the vote. Former Bucco Shawon Dunston got one vote.
ESPN doesn’t list their names, but Jose Rijo and Brady Anderson got no votes. Rijo was also on the ballot in 2001 and received one vote then. I guess his comeback must’ve been too unsuccessful to keep that vote.
Somehow Todd Stottlemyre managed to get a vote. I’m still sore that Andy Van Slyke got no votes in 2001. How is it possible that no writers voted for Van Slyke? He was a good player – a top five MVP finisher two times, won multiple Gold Gloves and was a great interview. Inconceivable.
No word yet on whether Gossage will be pictured in a Pirates stove top hat on his plaque.


3 Responses to “Gossage Voted into HOF; Others Continue to Wait”

  1. Matt Bandi Says:

    I wonder who voted for Shawon Dunston. He had a .296 career on-base percentage.

  2. Randy Says:

    I was always a fan of Dunston, despite his many shortcomings. I think it was Bill James who touted him as one of the worst percentage players in baseball history (poor K:BB and poor SB%).
    I used to work with a Cub fan who liked to claim that Dunston was as good as Barry Larkin. He was of course wrong, but wouldn’t admit it. He stopped making that comparison when:
    1. I showed him that Barry Bonds drew more BB (232) in 373 ABs in 2004 than Dunston had in his whole career (203 walks in 5927 ABs) and that
    2. Barry Larkin whiffed less than he walked for his career.

  3. Alan Padilla Says:

    I beg your pardon….
    Wrong? I will never ever give up my belief that Shawon is greater than Larkin ever was. Does Larkin have anything pertaining to him in the Smithsonian Institute? Don’t think so. The Shwon-O-Meter now resides there!
    It is very funny that you wrote about him and my love for him, I was just surfing the net and on a whim I thought, I’m going to check in on Randy’s blog. Hope all is well take care and drop me a line sometime.
    #12 Forever

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