Sid Bream returns

Sid Bream is rejoining the Pirates, 15 years after his desperate gallop eliminated the team from the 1992 playoffs and effectively destroyed the franchise for a decade and a half. Bream was named the hitting instructor for the Class-A State College Spikes today. Many Pirate fans hold a grudge against Bream for that crushing sequence on October 14, 1992. I am not one of them. Maybe it was the walk-off home run he hit in 1988, the first vivid memory I have of seeing the Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium. I am not sure why, but I cannot bring myself to hate this man. Of course, I have enthusiastically burned a Francisco Cabrera baseball card in my lifetime.
This news gave me the urge to re-watch that terrible game. That in turn reminded me of something a friend once said when he found me doing just that. “You have to stop doing this to yourself.”
Kind of sums up being a Pirate fan, huh? Oh well. I will probably spend two hours tomorrow watching a devastating game from 1992. Just as I will likely sit alone at PNC Park in September watching a meaningless Pirate game.
Welcome back, Sid. May you break the curse that you created.


3 Responses to “Sid Bream returns”

  1. Squireboy Says:

    When it comes to watching that game again?
    I can’t watch it, its worse than a snuff film.
    Loved Bream when he was a Bucco, not sure if I’ve forgiven him, but it might be good ju-ju to have him back in the fold.

  2. Deaner Says:

    The first thing that came to my mind (after “the slide” of course) was that scene from Fever Pitch where Jimmy Fallon’s character is depressed and keeps watching the Bill Bucker game over and over again. Maybe this will “break the curse [he] created” … can’t hurt I guess.

  3. Lorenzo Loon Says:

    Don’t hate Sid Bream or Francisco Cabrera, hate Barry Bonds. How can a left fielder not nail Bream running from second?
    The game I keep watching is a football game from Detroit in early February of 2006.

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