Fogg is a Red

In the midst of all the trade deadline deals in the NBA, a major deal in MLB was overlooked: Josh Fogg has signed with the Reds. Maybe that’s not as big a deal as two fellow Miami alumi Wally Szczerbiak and Ira Newble being moved. But, it is news nonetheless.
Nobody is going to confuse Fogg with a future star or even a past star. He is what he is – so-so and durable. The Reds get him for $1 million. He sported a 97 ERA+ last year for the Rockies and won a critical playoff game. That 97+ ERA would’ve been third on the Pirates roster last year among anyone who started at least five games.
I have railed on this site about a huge issue with the collective bargaining agreement and that is the lack of an “offer sheet” type of free agency like other pro leagues have. The Pirates, rightly, after 2005 non-tendered Fogg rather than pay for his mediocrity by taking him to arbitration. Fogg made over $2 million in 2005 but signed with the Rockies for less than $500,000 for 2006. In a good system, the non-tendering team should be able to match a competing team’s offer and retain the player’s services. Everyone potentially wins. The player can stay in a town where he might’ve set down some roots. The roster doesn’t turn over as frequently, keeping the fans happy (assuming they have some measure of fondness for the player in question). Owners and players don’t lose any flexibility.
At any rate, Fogg is back in the NL Central, but with a different club.

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