A positive Pirate article from SI.com? Believe it!

Here is a taste:

I am ready to run through an outfield wall for Neal Huntington. I’m ready to jump over the Monongahela and the Allegheny and whatever the third one of those rivers is in Pittsburgh (it’s the Ohio you dope! – ab). I believe, I tell you, in the Pirates and what Huntington, their new general manager, is trying to do.

You can read the full article at SI.com.


3 Responses to “A positive Pirate article from SI.com? Believe it!”

  1. Steve Broomfield Says:

    Just arrived in Bradenton for my 1st Spring Training. Hope to be in a position to see if the Pirates are indeed heading in the right direction, if not in the least see some of the young talent on display. Everything I hear, sounds OK. I guess only time will tell, but at least I can agree with the philsophy. The only way we can compete is to develop from within, and especially tapping the Latin Market in a wise decision.

  2. Jason Says:

    Yeah whatever. Same crap, different shovel.
    What does Huntington or Russell bring to the team that is different from the past 15 years? “Well the Pirate fans deserve a winning team this year and for years to come.” He says, while the team is scheduling 4 more sky-blast nights and airing commercials advertising the wonderfulness of PNC park, as opposed to the wonderfulness of it’s team..
    Yeah, we’re committed to winning. That’s why we signed a solid starter, bullpen help, a starting centerfielder. and a starting third baseman. . . . right??
    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  3. Aaron Benedict Says:

    Jason, I can understand the frustration but the key is to build this team from within. While we did get some good players come up through our system from the Cam Bonifay drafts, Littlefield’s drafts were horrible. Building from within is where a team like the Bucs need to start and not signing high priced free agents. They can come in to fill places once there is a core of players that can do well.
    The model that the Pirates seem to be following is the Indians, Rockies and Diamondbacks model. Guess what they had in common last year?

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