Bucs and Snell agree to a deal

This is some good news. It looks like they bought out Snell’s arbitration years and there is a club option for the next two years. I didn’t see any monetary terms in the article. If you know any feel free to comment away.
This is what we should be doing, identifying the key components and signing them to long term deals now, before they get too expensive.
UPDATE: Much love to Sludgeworm in the comments. He points out that the first three years are for a total of $8 million and that the two club options are for in the range of $16 million in total.


3 Responses to “Bucs and Snell agree to a deal”

  1. sludgeworm Says:

    Snell’s deal, which takes effect this year, is guaranteed at a total of $8 million for three years. He also receives a $600,000 signing bonus.
    The 2011 and 2012 seasons are at the Pirates’ option. Those years are worth at least a total of $16 million to Snell. There also are standard incentive clauses in those final two years.

  2. Aaron Benedict Says:

    $8m over three years isn’t too bad at all. I really like the deals that Huntington has done with both Freddy and now Mr. Snell

  3. Matt Bandi Says:

    This is a solid deal. It does not commit a huge sum of money, but still looks him up for several years.
    If Huntington is able to build this into a competitive team a few years down the road, we are going to smile when looking back at this signing.

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