To help out with some of the game recaps and to watch my beloved Buccos, I am thinking about subscribing to this season so I can watch the games on line. I’m wondering if anyone out in the Piratenet (or the internet in general) have used the service and would like to let me know if this is a good deal or not. Thanks.


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  1. Albert Says:

    In my experience, it has gotten better and better each year since I started using it (2005). There are different quality selections for the streams, which is nice if you’re having a day where your internet isn’t moving along as quickly as you’d like. And it’s always nice to see the games that aren’t on TV (they will occasionally broadcast the scoreboard video stream along with local radio play-by-play).
    However, take this with the knowledge that I’m a Pirate faithful living over 1,000 miles away. If I had the games on TV I’m not sure what I’d do.

  2. Deaner Says:

    I subscribed to MLB.TV two years back and was somewhat disappointed with it because the feed would often freeze up. Personally I’m a much bigger fan of baseball on the radio and find XM Radio (and even MLB audio) a much better investment.

  3. Nancy Says:

    I’ve had MLB.TV for a couple of years now, and I like it a lot. The quality of the feed is pretty good, and at least for me, when it freezes up, it’s usually because of connection issues on my end. One caution, though — before you sign up, find out if you are in the black-out area. Every team has a black-out area around their home ground. So, if you live in Pittsburgh, all the Pirates’ games, even the away games, are going to be blacked out. You can watch them the next morning, but not live. Indianapolis is in the black-out area for the Reds, the Cubs, and the White Sox. If the Pirates are playing in Cincinnati, for example, I can’t watch live.
    Sandlot Swashbucklers

  4. Matt Bandi Says:

    I purchased MLB.TV late last season at the discounted price and I was very happy with it. I renewed my subscription this year, and I am looking forward to keeping a closer eye on the rest of the league.
    I second Nancy’s advice to check the blackout areas. I don’t think it would affect you, but who knows with MLB’s blackout restrictions. If you go here, you can check your zip code.

  5. Andrew Kappes Says:

    I am about to renew my subscription, and even bump up to the Premium channel. Some of the “feed freezes” cant be blamed on MLB.TV, it’s variable with the internet connection. I highly recommend it, it’s very fun.

  6. sludgeworm Says:

    If you happen to have a desk top computer and a s-video hook up on your TV, you can get a switch to run your computer screen to your TV… much better way to relax and watch the game

  7. Jason Jaszemski Says:

    I have some serious misgivings about this service, so maybe some of you can set my mind at east..
    This is their small print:
    Local Live Blackout: ALL LIVE MLB.TV games will be blacked out in each applicable Club’s home television territory (except for certain home television territories for which may offer in-market subscription services) or in Japan.
    Does this mean that since I live in Orioles territory, I won’t get to see ANY of their games? I want the service so I can watch the Pirates, but living in Maryland, I’ve grown to love the O’s too, so I would hate to miss their games because I live an hour away from Baltimore
    • National Live Blackout (Regular Season): Due to Major League Baseball national exclusivities, each Saturday until 7:00 PM EST (beginning May 17, 2008 and continuing for remaining Saturdays during the regular season) and each Sunday night (for games that begin after 5:00 PM EST), all scheduled webcasts of games played within such time period will be blacked out.
    This sounds lame!
    • National Live Blackout (Post Season): Due to Major League Baseball national exclusivities, during the MLB postseason, if you live within the following nations or territories, webcasts of all postseason games will be blacked out: United States, Canada, Guam, US Virgin Islands, South Korea and Japan.
    Do they really enforce this?

  8. Matt Bandi Says:

    If you live in the Orioles’ blackout area, then you will not be able to get any of their games on You can follow the link I provided in my above comment to check your zipcode.
    I only had the service for about a month at the end of last season, but the Saturday afternoon and Sunday night blackouts did not seem to be a huge issue. Fox has the right to all Saturday afternoon games and ESPN has the right to all Sunday night games. However, it seems fairly rare that a game is scheduled during this time and not broadcasted nationally on one of those channels. One exception I can think of is Cubs’ home games that are probably on Saturday afternoons quite a bit.
    MLB.TV will not carry postseason games, but they are all broadcast nationally on television.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Jason Says:

    It’s ok. Not great, not bad, just ok.
    It serves it’s function of allowing you to watch all the games. However, its not a TV like presentation and you have to watch on your computer (obviously) unless you want to invest in a bunch of equipment and hook it up to your TV.
    Also, I’ve noticed that the “ultra cool features” they hype up don’t really work well, and they’re not really worth it either in my opinion.
    But the basic video/audio of the games is there and available. It helped me through plenty of seasons when I lived out of state.
    Good luck.

  10. Trogluddite Says:

    Save a lot of money, and go for the radio broadcast only. I can’t think of anything better than listening to the Pirates just like I did when Bob Prince was broadcasting. Although listening to Vin Scully call a Dodger’s game comes close.

  11. Aaron Benedict Says:

    I actually did have the radio subscription last year but I found it hard to actually follow the game with Lanny and Greg Brown doing the play by play. They seemed to have gone off on tangents and forgot about the action way too often for my taste.

  12. Paul Says:

    I lived in western Chester County, PA and received the Pirates games on the MLB Extra Innings Package, because I was obviously not in their local TV territory. Then, 2 yrs ago, I moved 7 miles to the west and I now live in eastermost Lancaster County – still not local to Pittsburgh….BUT…now the Pirates are blacked out based on my zip code! And i still kept the same cable company – Comcast. I live 18 miles from Delaware & about 45 miles from Philly. Why would the Pirates blackout that area? Yankee Stadium & Shea Stadium are closer to me – BY FAR – than Pittsburgh is and the Yanks & Mets are NOT blacked out! Anybody understand that logic? So now I can’t watch the Pirates at all (except for reruns-big deal). They are not on my local channels and they are blacked out of my MLB Package that I pay extra for. I emailed Comcast, MLB Extra Innings, Fox Sports, & the Pirates and guess what – nobody answered!

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