Pirates defeat Twins, McLouth named starter

Ian Snell was sharp in his final start of the spring, and the Pirates beat the Twins, 7-4. Snell struggled early, but settled down and finished with a line of two runs on six hits in six innings. His next start will be Opening Day on Monday in Atlanta. I caught bits and pieces of the game, and Snell looked very good from what I saw. Letís hope that carries over into the season.
The Bucs scored seven runs in unspectacular fashion, scoring the majority of their runs by bunching singles together. Ronny Paulino was 2 for 2 with a double off the bench. Jason Bay also added two singles, each going to right field on pitches away. If he is going to return to form in 2008, he must have success with the outside pitch.
The Pirates also announced that Nate McLouth has won the starting nod in centerfield over Nyjer Morgan, with Morgan making the team as the backup. This is not surprising, but I am glad that the decision has been confirmed.

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