Trading for Yates Makes No Sense

It’d be pretty easy to write a post daily about how the Pirates current or previous regime could have done something better. While I can’t disagree, after a while, it gets to be old reading the posts that question management’s ability to manage. Let me add to the near constant barrage: why did management trade for Tyler Yates?
Let’s forget just for a second about the minor league starter the Bucs gave up, Todd Redmond. Let’s leave him out. The question becomes why would the Pirates acquire another relief pitcher when they have stockpiled so many during previous seasons.
1. is 30
2. didn’t pitch well last year, the only positive thing is that RHB hit poorly against him
Among relievers that the Pirates could’ve used that were already in house at some point this spring:
Jonah Bayliss
Jesse Chavez
Brian Rogers
Dave Davidson
Josh Sharpless
Romulo Sanchez
Yoslan Herrera
I’m sure I’m missing someone – feel free to add more names to my list. My point isn’t that any of these guys are better than Tyler Yates or that any of them are ready for the Show. My point is that the difference between any of these guys and Tyler Yates either in 2008 or in the future will be unlikely to cost the Pirates a shot at the pennant. So, why trade for another reliever, one who is both relatively old and potentially only good against righties, especially when the minor league system has been fully stocked in recent years? I don’t know.
Redmond hopefully will hopefully not develop into a world beater. You can get Wilbur Miller’s scouting report on Redmond here.


6 Responses to “Trading for Yates Makes No Sense”

  1. Mike Says:

    Agree completely. Why do you trade a young arm for a 30 year old with no chance of being any use in the future?
    Hopefully this does not predict things to come.

  2. Matt Bandi Says:

    They probably decided that Redmond wasn’t in their future plans, making him expendable. His upside wasn’t that great and his minor league K rates were mediocre. Management has shown that they prefer power pitchers.
    If management determined that Redmond did not have a great future in the Majors, they might as well get something out of him before he is a failed prospect.

  3. Randy Linville Says:

    I hear you, Matt. If you don’t have plans for a middling prospect, then deal him. I would rather have gotten a middling hitting prospect than a 30 year old reliever with no hope of pushing this club over the top or even near it for that matter.
    As with all Pirate trades of recent vintage, I look at this and ask myself, “I wonder if we can pick up someone decent for (insert name of recent acquisition here) at the trading deadline?”

  4. Brian Graham Says:

    Bayliss (8.36 ERA in 37.1 IP), Rogers (13.50 ERA in 2 IP) , and Sharpless (12.46 ERA in 4.1 IP) all had laughable performances last year to say the least. Romulo (5.00 ERA last year) must not have shown enough in spring training and probably needs more seasoning. Herrera was/is/will be a waste of money and nothing more than another failed project from DL. Chavez (DFAed) and Davidson are left-handed. Torres is gone, Yates will eat some of those innings. Additionally he’s actually a power pitcher with some experience. The bullpen should be Capps closing, Grabow, Marte and Dumatrait from the left side, and Yates, Osoria, Meeks from the right side. Burnett will start down in AAA.

  5. Brian Graham Says:

    Meek rather.

  6. Randy Says:

    Good points by Brian Graham, but I still say let one of the young guys who are already on hand stat the season on the club. I’m having a hard time judging anyone based on less than 10 innings pitched. Bayliss was without question dreadful last year.
    If none of the multitude of farmhands worked out, I have to believe that a pitcher of Yates’ abilities would be available in May. Not that it would matter, since the Bucs will already be double digits out of the lead.

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