Game #5 at Florida

Dolphin Stadium | 7:10 | Maholm vs. Mark Hendrickson | Box
Paul Maholm hit two milestones tonight. He struck out a career high 9 and he yielded his first career grand slam. Mike Jacobs for the second straight day struck the big blow with the fifth inning blow. Maholm was lifted for a pinch hitter (Freddy Sanchez) despite being in control. Jacobs’ homer followed an infield single, an HBP and a BB.
Evan Meek was touched for two runs after starting the sixth inning. He might not be long for the Pirates world.
Starter Mark Hendrickson as the winner for the Marlins. Jason Bay had his first XBH of the year – a double – and scored twice. Chris Gomez drove in a pair of runs with a single.
Maholm’s previous career best in K’s was 8 which he accomplished two times, both against the Reds.
The Pirates poor fielding continued. Both Maholm and Meek made gaffes.
After the game, Adam LaRoche requested either a trade to a team in the Carribean or a “reverse defection” to Cuba because he can’t hit unless it is 95 degrees.

Pre-Game Thoughts
Paul Maholm will make his 2008 debut after being skipped in the rotation with some lower back issues. Maholm is 1-2 with a 4.12 ERA gainst the Fish. He is 1-1 with a 2.63 ERA at Dolphins Stadium. Dan Uggla is 3-8 with a pair of homers off of Maholm.
His mound opponent is Mark Hendrickson. He took the loss on Opening Day against the Mets, making him the Marlins equivalent of Ron Villone – a journeyman joining the club and somehow becoming the team’s ace. Villone was the Pirates Opening Day starter in 2002. Good times.
Hendrickson is 1-0 against the Pirates for his career, spanning only two appearances. Chris Gomez has 16 of the Pirates 39 career ABs against Hendrickson. No one else has more than four.
Had a chance to watch the Reds/Phillies last night on Fox Sports Ohio. Josh Fogg was on the mound for the Reds and he performed like Josh Fogg.
Just had DishNetwork installed at my house. I like it, but the radio package is Sirius, which is otherwise fine excpet that it is XM that broadcasts MLB games.


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  1. Randy Says:

    Bizarre game – Maholm has nine whiffs, but gave up a granny after a comebacker that went for a single, an HBP and then a walk. 5-1 Marlins after 5.

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