Will It Be Pedro Alvarez?

I admittedly do not follow amateur baseball with any fervor. So, my knowledge of the amateur draft isn’t based on personal, first hand knowledge. I rely on other opinions of other people. So, I have been reading some articles around the inter-web with great interest. Of particular note, I’ve enjoyed Devan Kovacevic’s profiles of the top rated prospects as we head toward the draft. The Pirates have the second pick of the draft.
Tim Beckham appears to be the best high school athlete available. He is a shortstop from Georgia. I like how the article notes that the Pirates will not leave superior talent in the draft to pick a player that they think will arrive more quickly like they did last year with Daniel Moskos. The Rays, who pick first, are likely to take Beckham. Here is his profile at MILB.com
Pedro Alvarez is a third baseman from Vanderbilt. Warning signs include a broken hand that limited his power in 2008, some defensive issues that lead some to think a move to first base is likely and he is represented by Scott Boras. Alvarez is a lefty was considered the consenus #1 pick before his hand injury. His profile at MILB.com.
Buster Posey – DK’s article on him has yet to turn up on the Post-Gazette’s web site. He is a catcher at Florida State. His profile at MILB.com sites a lack of experience behind the plate as his biggest weakness.
The fun starts at 3PM.

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