The draft

Virtually all Pirate discussion regarding today’s draft has focused on the teamís first round selection, and for good reason. The teamís horrendous first round track record over the past decade has been one of the largest causes of their struggles to improve. A team with such a large amount of high draft picks for so many consecutive seasons clearly should have a couple of impact prospects in the organization. Outside of Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates have virtually zero exciting players in the minors. That is ridiculous.
However, just as important for the teamís improvement is their performance in the second round, the third round, and every subsequent round. The Pirates desperately need contributions from more than one player per draft. They excelled at this while Mickey White was the scouting director in 1998-2002. During this time, they selected current players Nate McLouth (25th round), Ian Snell (26th round), Jose Bautista (20th round) and Zach Duke (20th round) in later rounds. It is imperative that the team have similar success acquiring Major League caliber players later in this yearís draft as well.
The draft is scheduled to begin at 2 PM today. Please join MVN as it covers the draft live at MLB Draft University, including an interactive web TV broadcast. A report in todayís Post-Gazette has the Pirates taking Vanderbilt third baseman Pedro Alvarez with their first pick. But donít forget to keep an eye on the later rounds as well.
UPDATE: The Pirates have officially drafted Pedro Alvarez.

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