Game #61: Webb Wins 11th

PNC Park | 7:05 | Snell vs. Brandon Webb | Box
There just isn’t much that can be done with Brandon Webb. He pitched well. He drove in the final run of the game and the Pirates wasted one of Ian Snell’s better outings. Webb didn’t allow a hit until the fifth inning. He tossed seven and gave up just three hits. His RBI was his fifth of the season and is one more than the Pirates pitching staff has as a whole.
Snell only lasted five inning in part because he threw over 100 pitches. He struck out 8 and allowed two runs, only one of which were earned. Jason Bay’s RBI double in the sixth was his first career hit off of Webb.
The Pirates put the tying runs on base in the 9th off of (Pirate for 10 days back in 2003) Brandon Lyon. But Jack Wilson popped up to end the game.

Pre-Game Thoughts
You know what Friday home games mean, right? Ketchup unis! I was reminded of this when I stopped off at a BK near Mansfield, OH on my drive home Thursday evening after a day in Cleveland. They had one of the large vats of ketchup that you pump and dispense the ketchup into the tiny white cups. Well, they were nearly out of ketchup. I politely turned around and mentioned this to the manager who was standing nearby. She offered me packets, which I declined because I had gotten all the ketchup I needed. However, it took me ten pumps instead of the normal two or three. I ate and left within 15 minutes. But, no one had put in a new bladder of ketchup even though it was 6:30 at night and the both the drive through and walk in customer volume was minimal. Anyway, there’s a good solid digression for you…
Somewhere along the way Ian Snell has lost his mojo. Don’t know where it is. If you find it, make sure you return it to Federal Street in Pittsburgh. He has dropped his last three starts and is winless since April 12. In his last fifteen innings (over those three starts), he has allowed 15 earned runs.
Snell has done well against Arizona. In four career starts he is 2-0 with a 2.55 ERA. The bullpen blew a big lead for him in his most recent start agains the Diamondabacks, which was last September 25.
The Snakes are hitting just .254 against Ian (16-63). Nobody has more than three hits and nobody has taken him deep. He has 18 strikeouts vs. seven walks allowed in games against Arizona.
Anybody not think Brandon Webb is a stud? Despite some unreal credentials, he only ranks fourth in victories among pitchers born in 1979. With 75 Ws, he trails Mark Buehrle (109), Johan Santana (100) and Jon Garland (97). His career ERA+ is 145. That number puts him at 8th all-time according to
Webb is 10-2 this year. His last start was a shutout after he had dropped his previous two starts. The Pirates managed to avoid him in 2007, which is a good thing because he is 3-0 with a 2.70 ERA lifetime against the Pirates. Hope might rest on Nate McLouth who is 4-6 against Webb. Jason Bay is 0-12 with five whiffs. The Bucs are 18-68 collectively vs. Webb.
Ronny Paulino has been, as Matt noted, sent down. Since the start of 2007, Paulino has just one month in which he has hit of .270 that was September/October of last year.

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