Nady has sprained shoulder

Just a quick note. Xavier Nady, who went hard into a wall while chasing a foul ball on Saturday, was diagnosed with a shoulder sprain after an MRI this morning. He will rejoin the Pirates tomorrow, and the team will monitor his progress over the next couple of days. As of now, they do not expect to place him on the disabled list.
This is relieving news. Not only has Nady been one of the more productive hitters on the team this year, but he is the Pirates’ best trade bait as July 31 approaches. A serious injury would have been a huge setback to Neal Huntington’s plans to acquire young talent this season. With Nady battling minor injuries the past few weeks, I am getting more and more anxious to see a trade very soon. The last thing we need is for him to struggle through nagging injuries again, lowering his trade value.
Also, Ryan Doumit was named NL co-player of the week, due to his monster series against the Nationals.

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