Game #88: Bucs Bats Get Going

PNC Park | 7:05 | Dumatrait vs. Runelvys Hernandez | Box
Not sure where to start with this one. Historical significance always catches my attention. So, how about this. Three different pitchers recorded their first ML hit and their first ML RBI in this game. I’m assuming that has never been topped and I’d be reasonably certain that it has never happened before. The three were tonight’s starters – Phil Dumatrait and Runelvys Hernandez – plus Bucs reliever Denny Bautista.
Neither starter pitched well. Hernandez gave up all 10 Pirate runs and 13 of the 14 hits in just four innings of work. Chad Paronto pitched the final four innings and allowed just one hit. Not too bad for his first ML appearance of the season.
Phil Dumatrait was not much better than Runelvys. He gave up all nine of the Astros hits and all seven of their runs in 3-1/3 innings of toil.
The offense was balanced. Every starter had a hit and everyone either scored or drove in a run. Ryan Doumit’s two run homer in the fourth put the Pirates up to stay.
Luis Rivas had two hits in three tries against Hernandez.

Pre-Game Thoughts
Phil Dumatrait will be coming off the DL (shoulder bursitis) to make this start. Given the state of the rotation and the bullpen, hopefully he will pitch deep into the game. And not get injured. After pitching fairly well in his first eight starts, Dumatrait was bombed in his final two starts before going on the disabled list. His ERA jumped up a full run after he gave up 14 earned runs in 10 innings.
Despite allowing just two runs in six innings on June 3, 2008, Dumatrait took the loss against Houston in his only appearance against them. Both Lance Berkman and Miguel Tejada doubled off of Dumatrait.
Remember Runelvys Hernandez? Back in 2003 with KC, he got off to a 4-0 start with an ERA around 1.00. Then the bottom fell out. Tommy John surgery was done and he bounced and bounced and bounced. All that bouncing included a four game stint in Indy last year in which he went 1-3 with an ERA over eight. Now he is back and will be making his third start of 2008 for Houston.
He has pitched five innings in both starts in 2008. And in both starts he has allowed three earned runs. And in both starts he has taken the loss. The Pirates have hit Hernandez well in limited exposure. The team is 14-28 against him. Luis Rivas is 6-13 with an HR.


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  1. lisa gray Says:

    hi randy
    dumatrait looked like he had NO business being off the DL – he certainly pitched a lot better earlier this year.
    on the other hand, runelvys looked as if he had NO business being on a ML roster. of course, he always looks that way…

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