Farewell (Again) to Craig Wilson and also to Bullington

He wasn’t hitting particularly well and it is hard to say whether the Pirates will get any value for him, but the Mariners have acquired Craig Wilson for a player to be named later. Actually, it isn’t tough to say: the Pirates will get nothing of value for Craiggers. The Mariners also cut Richie Sexson.
In 217 at bats with Indy, Wilson had 10 homers and 27 RBI. He had nearly three times as many whiffs as walks and only had six doubles.
I hope he gets back to the show and hits 20 homers in the second half for Seattle. I will always remember him like this.
In slightly less exciting, but equally unimportant news, the Pirates lost Bryan Bullington to waivers to the Tribe. For the record, I have as many career ML wins as former first round picks Clint Johnson, Bobby Bradley and Bullington combined.
Bullington was DFA’d to make room on the 40 man roster for Chris Duffy. I’m not sure what kind of future the team envisions for Duffy. I can’t imagine he is going to take any playing time away from any of the three outfielders that are currently starting.
I’m not sure which makes less sense:
1. Expecting Bullington to perform at the Major League level or
2. Designating Bullington to make room for a player who hasn’t performed at the Major League level
Regardless, neither Duffy nor Bullington could be or would be the difference between 65 wins or 75 wins or 85 wins.

One Response to “Farewell (Again) to Craig Wilson and also to Bullington”

  1. Alan Says:

    Good luck to Bullington. He was drafted by an idiot GM and was forced into a ton of expectations from a losing organization because of it. Injuries also killed his Pirates career before it was started.
    He worked hard to battle back, I’ll give him that. It’s hard to believe he never got a shot here, considering the pitching troubles we have. We’ll continuously trot Van Benschoten out there, but can find one relief appearance for Bullington’s last shot?
    Just seems odd. Good luck to him, though.

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