Report indicates Pirates will sign Grossman

Rocco Demaro reported on tonight’s postgame show that the Pirates are expected to sign sixth round draft pick Robert Grossman. Grossman is a high school centerfielder, a player that was set to attend college if he did not receive an above slot bonus. Rocco mentioned a possible bonus of about $500,000.
Nothing is confirmed at this point, and Grossman still may not sign until close to the August 15 deadline.
EDIT (7/25/2008 11:35 AM): Just a quick additional note. Dejan reported a little over a week ago that the Pirates were unlikely to sign fifth round pick Justin Wilson. Wilson pitched very well in the College World Series, and subsequently increased his asking price. Dejan indicated that the Pirates would focus on other high upside players if Wilson did not sign, specifically mentioning Grossman. This news may be confirmation that Wilson will not sign.

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