Nady, Marte Shipped to Yanks

The Pirates have traded Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte to the Yankees for a package of four players.
The Pirates get righty Ross Ohlendorf, righty George Kontos, lefty Phil Coke and right fielder Jose Tabata in return. Ohlendorf hasn’t been very impressive in a touch over 60 career ML innings of work. Kontos is a power pitcher, striking out nearly a batter per inning at AA. Coke made his AA debut this year at age 25. Tabata, by all accounts, is the centerpiece of the deal. Tabata is from Venezuela and at age 19 (hopefully he isn’t really 25) is in his fourth year of ball in the minors in the USA.
I am not going to pretend to have in depth knowledge of the Yankees minor league system. So, for detailed analysis, I will refer you to some other bloggers. gives some detail on what the Bombers gave up.
Pat at WHYGAVS doesn’t like the deal at all.
Charlie at Bucs Dugout is a little less critical but still not blown away.
This looks to be considerably better than the deal that sent Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton to the Cubs. At least as far as I know, there wasn’t a Yankees fan sending pizza to the Pirates front office begging for Nady to be shipped to the Bronx.


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  1. Frank Says:

    I’m a Yankees fan and know my share about our prospects so I thought I might chime in.
    Here are the stats for Tabata, Coke and Kontos at AA:
    1. Notice Tabata was killing the ball before he went down with a hamstring injury. He may have been poised for a big second half. He’s been hampered by injuries and discipline problems this year but has all the upside in the world. He has all 5 tools. He has speed but only in the area of 20-25 SB speed.
    Before you worry about his makeup, you should know he was having problems b/c of how frustrated he was that he wasn’t producing the way he thought he should as a top prospect. The kid is a competitor. So he was set straight and, as I said, looked to be poised for a big 2nd half. Keep in mind he is only 19 at AA, a VERY tough level to hit in.
    Tabata will be a ML outfielder… the only question is when.
    2. Kontos is a solid pickup. Won’t be a #1 but most likely projects as a mid-rotation starter. Look over his numbers and you should be impressed. Throws low 90’s, curve, change.
    3. Phil Coke is a mystery. He’s put up good numbers both this year and last year…but is also 25. He’s not a top prospect by any means, but his stock was rising. You’ll find out more about him soon as he should progress fast in your system. No reason to keep him in AA.
    4. DON’T SLEEP ON OHLENDORF! His numbers are misleading. He was misused by our organization as we went back and forth and then back again on whether he should be a reliever or a starter, and he was mostly used as the longman out of the bullpen. That’s not where he belongs. He comes from the D-Backs farm system and they know what they’re doing.
    I think the Yankees sold him to you as a starter… and he may be one. But I think he can be a dominant 8th inning guy. He throws a 96, 97mph fastball out of the bullpen that really sinks and moves. A pretty nasty biting slider that sits in the high 80s. He’s a groundball pitcher and a smart guy (went to Princeton) with a good makeup. He’s not far away from honing his stuff. He needs consistant innings in the bullpen to acclimate and get control of his stuff that is much nastier out of the pen. He should be a force in your pen soon.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Deaner Says:

    I like the deal.

  3. Matt Bandi Says:

    Pirates may be receiving different players than was initially reported.

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