Trade talks

With less than 20 hours remaining before the deadline, trade talks are heating up. Dejan has been all over the details, spending the last several hours updating us on his blog. It looks like the strongest talks regarding Jason Bay have occurred with the Rays. The names being tossed around the most at this point are shortstop Reid Brignac and pitcher Jeff Niemann. David Price is likely unavailable, but I hope the Pirates hold out for Jeremy Hellickson and/or Wade Davis as a part of any package. A source told Dejan that Price, Hellickson and Davis would not be dealt. If the Pirates were to acquire Brignac, that could make Jack Wilson expendable in another trade.
Another rumor has a three-way deal in the works that would send Bay to the Red Sox, Manny Ramirez to the Marlins, Jeremy Hermida to the Pirates and prospects all over the place. That sounds like a long shot to me, but anything could happen this time of year. Dejan just provided an update, saying hes heard that this deal will not happen. (EDIT 9:30 PM): Another update from Dejan has this rumor alive again.
The fun will continue until 4 PM tomorrow. I would like to say that I will be around for the entire time to provide updates, but that will likely be impossible. Be sure to check out MVNs live coverage, beginning at 9 AM and continuing until the deadline.

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