Bautista Optioned

Jose Bautista didn’t see it coming. But, he was demoted. I’m a little shocked, as well. But, taking a step back, I think it makes sense. Andy LaRoche plays third. Neil Walker is supposed to be able to play third. Bautista had previously played 130+ games total at all three outfield spots. But, I’d rather see what Steve Pearce, Brandon Moss and perhaps even Jason Michaels can do.
As the Post-Gazette’s coverage points out, playing time in Indy might be scarce for Bautista with Walker at third and an outfield full of prospects. Did I say prospects? I meant Chris Duffy and Nyjer Morgan.
Bautista has had over 1500 ML PAs. I don’t think his career is over by any means. I don’t think he’ll ever see significant playing time in Pittsburgh again without a severe injury or someone completely failing.


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  1. Clementedaman Says:

    I find it amazing that anyone could be surprised at Bautista’s demotion. I feel he shouldn’t have been up here in the first place.
    A. He was given more than an ample chance to make it as a starting third base man.
    B. He has never hit for a respectable average over a short period of time, let alone, an extended period of time.
    C.He couldn’t start for any other ball club in the majors.
    D. He couldn’t start for a lot of triple A teams. Perhaps even double A teams.
    E. I wondered almost every time his name was announced as the batter, why is he still here?
    F. Even with my non scouting eye I could see that he lacks bat control.
    G. I am surprised that anyone, Baustista included, was surprised at this move.
    Dude could play third though.

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