Pirates sign Grossman

The Pirates have signed Robbie Grossman, another of their high-upside draft picks. The sixth round selection signed for well over slot, with a bonus of $1 million. That puts him on a level with supplemental first round picks. This is great news, as Grossman was considered one of the better high school talents in the draft. Neal Huntington seemed pretty excited about the signing:

“The addition of Robbie Grossman is a big step forward for the organization. We gave Robbie strong consideration as our second-round pick but, as part of our calculated strategy, we were thrilled that a player of his ability was still available when we selected in the sixth round due to his strong interest in playing collegiate baseball.”

In other news, Dejan reports that Justin Wilson’s signing yesterday was surprisingly for $195,000. That is exactly the recommended bonus for his draft slot. He was expected to command more after his performance in the College World Series
The Buster Posey signing could inflate Pedro Alvarez’s asking price.

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