Draft pick signing update – Pedro Alvarez, Quinton Miller sign…Scheppers does not

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We are down to the final hours leading up to the deadline to sign draft picks. The list below is where we stand. Signed picks are in bold.
1 – Pedro Alvarez
2 – Tanner Scheppers
3 – Jordy Mercer
4 – Chase D’Arnaud
5 – Justin Wilson
6 – Robert Grossman
7 – Benjamin Gonzalez
8 – Jeremy Farrell
9 – Matthew Hague

10 – Drew Gagnon
11 – David Rubinstein
12 – Calvin Anderson

13 – Seth Gardner
14 – Michael Colla
15 – Christopher Aure
16 – Wesley Freeman

17 – Jaron Shepherd
18 – Jarek Cunningham
19 – Jason Haniger
20 – Quinton Miller
21 – Brent Klinger

22 – Patrick Palmeiro
23 – Austin Wright
24 – Brian Litwin
25 – Brian Leach
26 – Zachary Wilson
27 – Edwin Roman
28 – Kyle Saukko

29 – Kevin Komstadius
30 – Daniel Martin
31 – Ryan Hinson
32 – Anthony Forrest
33 – Mark Carver
34 – Matthew Payne
35 – Tyler Cox
36 – Kyle Morgan

37 – Matthew Curry
38 – Alan Knotts
39 – Albert Fagan

40 – Beau Didier
41 – Chris Simmons
42 – Cole White

43 – Johnny Gunter
44 – Mike Williams
45 – Allen Ponder

46 – Scott McGough
47 – Jordan Craft
48 – Owen Brolsma
49 – Zachary Foster
50 – Craig Parry

Dejan reports that tenth round pick Drew Gagnon will not sign, opting instead to attend Long Beach State. He also states in that article that the Pirates are attempting to sign four more picks: Alvarez, Scheppers and two others. However, it appears that Scheppers is seeking top ten money (at least $2 million). This price may be too high for the Pirates, considering he still is not completely healthy. He will be a difficult sign. Rocco Demaro reported on last night’s postgame show that 20th round selection Quinton Miller will likely sign (around the 35:00 mark).
I will check in occasionally this evening to post updates below.
UPDATE 4:15 PM: Another good signing. Dejan reports that 20th round pick Quinton Miller has agreed to a $900,000 bonus. That is early second round-type money, and is much higher than I would have expected. The Pirates are not hesitating to throw cash at talent this year.
UPDATE 4:50 PM: Fourth overall pick Brian Matusz has signed a Major League deal with the Orioles for a $3.2 million bonus. Nothing too unusual there, though it could give Scott Boras some leverage while seeking a Major League deal for Alvarez.
UPDATE 9:55 PM: Rocco Demaro has just reported on the postgame show that Alvarez will sign. He reported the Grossman signing in July. Last night he informed us that Quinton Miller would sign, before it was on anyone elses radar. Well see what happens, but Rocco has been way ahead of the rest of the media thus far on draft signings. This is a good sign. He does not have specifics on the financial information.
UPDATE: 11:10 PM: Rocco has heard that a deal with Tanner Scheppers may be near completion. He maintains that Alvarez will sign close to the deadline. Dejan’s sources have told him that no deal has been reached with Alvarez. Stay tuned. Less than an hour left.
UPDATE 11:40 PM: Dejan says that Scheppers has not signed and is unlikely to do so. Rocco says the deal will come down to medical language written into the contract. We’re getting close.
UPDATE 12:10 AM: Ten minutes past and no official news. The Scheppers signing seems like it may not happen. Still waiting on word from Alvarez. We could hear something within minutes.
UPDATE 12:33 AM: F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…nothing
UPDATE 12:36 AM: Alvarez deal is official, via Rocco. $6 million minor league deal. Dejan confirms. No deal for Scheppers.

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