Jose Bautista traded to Blue Jays

The Pirates shipped Jose Bautista to Toronto today for a player to be named later. This caps Bautista’s very quick falling out of favor with the team. After his slow start to the season, Doug Mientkiewicz began receiving regular playing time at third base. In the past two weeks, Bautista dropped to a utility player, was demoted to Triple-A, and now has been shipped out of town for the infamous PTBNL.
This is surprising, as Bautista appeared to have a future with the team as a utility player. He was not happy after losing his starting spot, and this move likely had something to do with his reaction to the acquisition of Andy LaRoche. Or maybe he was no longer in the Pirates’ long-term plans, so they simply did him a favor and worked out a trade that would allow Bautista to get on the field for another organization. Either way, I would have liked to have kept him in the system.
No word on who the Pirates will receive in return.


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  1. lisa Says:

    AMAZING how fast that guy fell out of favor

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