Alvarez wants new contract; MLBPA files grievance

Apparently, Pedro Alvarez is refusing to sign the contract he agreed to with the Pirates.
More details to come.
UPDATE (9:00 PM): This is looking like a complex issue. The Players Association has filed a grievance against the commissioner’s office, claiming that the signing deadline was unfairly extended for all teams/players. Major League Baseball claims that the signings were legitimate. Due to the grievance, Alvarez is refusing to report, although the dispute would affect other players as well. The earliest potential date for an arbitration hearing is September 10. We will have to see what happens.


5 Responses to “Alvarez wants new contract; MLBPA files grievance”

  1. Evan Brunell Says:

    Not making a good name for himself.

  2. BIllG Says:

    Let me preface my statement with I understand when you trade a star like Bay for young talent, it takes time…Now….when was the last time you EVER saw a situation like this with Alvarez? Player wants to renegotiate AFTER the signing deadline…HUH??? Doesn’t the little frivolous points like contract terms HAVE to be agreed BEFORE the MLB deadline??? Perhaps this a new tactic by Boras…the Next Frontier in MLB signings. But let me ask you this…with all the heaped praise given to NH ‘s plate of late and the fantastic job this team did unloading those Bay and Nady characters, where is this club heading? I went on record saying the Nady trade may do well for the Pirates because of Ohlendorf and McCutchen. I hated the Bay trade for many reasons and this Alveraz situation only reinforces my view that Pittsburgh does not have a real competent GM or front office. We were so use to a truly bottom of the barrel exec Littlefield that most Pirate fans get the ” hope” that the infusion of young talent was the absolute correct decision with the 2 trades. Bay is class and was traded for far less value than what was received. Unless Morris turns out to be a stud, and there are injury issues, this trade has the very real potential of going down as one of the worst in Pirate history. Now add the Alveraz fiasco, trendsetting by any MLB yardstick, and this new crew which gives the feel that they are better at playing Fantasy Baseball as GM/ Head office than actually being one in charge of a MLB team. Yes, I know you can’t judge until a few years down the line. But if you watch Andy LaRoche, don’t you get the feel that the Dodgers actually knew something when he couldn’t break into the lineup on a team that is begging for a 3Bman ? Brandon Moss and Hansen were traded by a team that is desperate for OF play and relief pitching. Do you honestly think Boston would have traded those 2 if they with the issues in the bullpen they are having?? Or would they have parted with Moss if the thought THAT highly of him???… With months of prep, the Pirates had to do their least you would think in the case of PAlv.Maybe it will pan out….but I have seen this folly with the PBC so many times that I am beyond jaded. The trading of Bay, someone that the PBC should have been seriously considering keeping as a cornerstone instead of the ones they targeted ( Sanchez, Snell, Laroche) AND the drafting fiasco’s of Alveraz AND SCHEPPERS only leads me to believe that the best fans in the country…PITTSBURGH FANS….are looking at Fool’s Gold when it comes to this front office. Time will tell..but the signs are very ominous. Hope for all the long suffering Pirate fans I am wrong. The Pirates are this century’s new lovable losers replacing the Cubs..what a honor.

  3. Deaner Says:

    Boras is just as much a disgrace to the game as Bud Selig.

  4. Craig Says:

    Scott Boras needs a lifetime ban from baseball.

  5. Zach Says:

    Disturbing. Is this because Buster Posey got a $6.2 mil signing bonus? Apparently the Royals #3 overall, Hosmer (who got the same $6 million as Alvarez), had his deal submitted after Alvarez’s. Boras is digging himself a BIG hole here and endangering 2 of his biggest clients in this year’s draft.
    Alvarez needs to step up ASAP and say “I want to play for the Pirates, I want to play NOW.’ If he lets Boras jerk him around like a puppet everyone will lose.

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