Quick Alvarez update; Brandon Moss out for season

Dejan reports that Pedro Alvarez is currently in Pittsburgh, a positive sign that this saga could be close to its official conclusion. Yesterday’s arbitration hearing was cancelled to allow MLB and the Players Association a chance to work out a settlement. Today’s hearing remains tentatively scheduled, with all parties hoping an agreement can be reached instead.
In other news, Brandon Moss is out for the year with a knee injury, and it could require surgery that would keep him out 4-6 months. Moss seems to be against the surgery, and will seek a second opinion this week.

“I’ll take into account what they say,” Moss said yesterday, less than 24 hours after being informed. “But I know my body, and I know I feel fine.”

I would hate to see Moss miss that much time, but this reminds me a bit of the Matt Capps situation from earlier in the year. It appears that the Pirates are being much more proactive in their injury recognition, instead of waiting for injuries to run up and smack them in the face. I can support that approach.
UPDATE (4:50 PM): The grievance has been dropped. No more extensions of the signing deadline in the future. Eric Hosmer will rejoin the Royals. Alvarez will sign with the Pirates today. The team may hold a press conference tonight to announce the signing. All is good. Time to move on.

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