Jeff Andrews, Lou Frazier fired

Dejan reports that the Pirates have fired pitching coach Jeff Andrews. I am somewhat surprised at this move, despite the fact that the Pirates arguably had the worst pitching staff in baseball. Of course, this game is based on results.
It is difficult to accurately measure a coach’s effectiveness when you are looking in from the outside. I have heard Andrews in a few interviews, and I always enjoyed listening to him speak. He seemed to be a knowledgeable guy that was passionate about his job. However, it seems that the front office was unhappy with the terrible pitching this year and felt a change was necessary.
I wonder how much the instability at pitching coach from year to year hinders the development of young pitchers. It can’t help.
First base coach Lou Frazier, who doubled as the outfield instructor, has also been fired. According to Neal Huntington, all other members of the coaching staff will remain with the team.


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  1. Tony In Erie Says:

    I believe the statistic I read was “the first time the Pirates had gone without a ten game winner in 108 years.”
    Yeah, I think that is good enough to fire someone!

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